Reviews For The Robot Stegosaur (#1. Gatchaman vs. Turtle King)
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Date: 06/09/2010 6:48 PM Title: The Robot Stegosaur

Pilot episodes have the problem of not only introducing the characters, setting, and other elements of a series, but also telling a decent story. And that's for shows set in a reasonable facsimile of the world outside our door, never mind SF or fantasy.

Gatch has a narrator, so during the team's docking, we're simply introduced to the team members.

Ken also figures out that the mecha IS the base. I still have trouble figuring out the whole 'enter the mecha' idea, myself. I suppose it was so they could introduce the Tornado Fighter and Firebird.

You noticed that Ace and Dirk don't look especially unhappy that they have to fight. It's still a great adventure for them.

Author's Response:

Technically this was the 'introduction' episode for the viewers. The actual pilots (the look-at-all-the-cool-stuff-we-can-do-with-this show) were 18) The Whale Submarine (Pilot Episode #1) (Gatch #18 Revenge! The Whale Operation) and 85) Galactor's Deadly Trap (Pilot Episode #2) (Gatch #87 Patogiller, the Triple United Iron Beast).

But I do see your point. Like I said in the summary, "A lot of firsts." Basically this was to introduce everyone and show almost everything they could do. It's kind of amazing that they managed to get a good story out of it! ;p

Thanks for reviewing! 


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