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Cover Girl by Springie 8+
It's not often that the Science Ninja Team is baffled by Galactor...but this time Galactor got what they wanted!
A Strange New World by Lyssa 13+
Shot down while on a recognisance mission, Princess discovers her every move might prove her last. The intelligence reports couldn’t be further...
Zeruda by ElectricWhite 13+
An energy-rich planet, a kidnapping, and a new species causing controversy in the Galactic Federation. Can G-Force sort it out?
Disbelief by Lyssa 13+
Unrequited Love IV - I thought the Unrequited Love Saga at an end. However a review by Springie and Chris White finally forced me to add another chapter...
Retaliation by Lyssa 13+
Unrequited Love V - Jun reflects on the situation she’s created and how it will affect the team. She’s more afraid of Joe’s reaction...
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Random Story
Mission One by cathrl 8+
What would it be like for Mark, leading G-Force against Spectra for the very first time?
Phone Prank by Chris White 13+
Nambu tries to work from home while two sixteen-year-old boys prove that idle time breeds trouble.
News About the Reviews by UnpublishedWriter 8+
Something's wrong with Veoh.
All I want for Christmas- is five birds in a Canary cage. by Ebonyswanne 18+
Jun wants only wish for Christmas after the hard year they had all faced together, but they are sent on a mission to the International...
Dr. Nambu's Secret by Shunhades 13+
Dr. Nambu has a secret. One he's kept for years. He's never told anyone. Not even the person it affects. What does he do when...

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Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Among all the other things this great man did, he was also the voice of Mark, our beloved commander of G-Force. The voice is now forever silenced. Casey/Mark, we will miss you!  

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Gatch Video Club Holiday Vacation

We are now heading into the holiday season. This means time with family, vacations, travel, and all sorts of other distractions.


For this reason, we are pausing the Gatch Video Club until the first weekend of January. It will restart on Saturday, January 4th. The time and place will remain the same:


Gatch Video Club


  • Viewing 1 Episode per weekend (currently watching season 1 of Gatchaman)
  • Location: Gatch Fanfic Archive website in Live Chat -
  • Time: (5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, 1 AM BST)


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