Registering and Membership:

What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to host fanfiction featuring characters from the anime of Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets, G-Force: GOS, Eagle Riders or any of their derivatives. Most of the fanfiction here is archived from the BotP Mailing List , however any fan can submit fanfic.

Do I have to register for an account if I just want to read the stories?

Except for Adult fanfic, no you don't. You just click and read.

Why should I register here?

Registering has several perks:

  1. Post reviews to fanfic and be notified of responses.
  2. Set up lists of favorite authors, fanfics and series.
  3. Contact authors and beta readers.
  4. Read Adult rated fanfic.
  5. Be notified of new work by your favorite authors.
  6. Be notified to additions to series or chapters.
  7. Post fanfic of your own.
  8. Be notified if your fanfic has received a review.
  9. Become a Betareader or find a Betareader for your own fanfic.

I'm a teenager/pre-teen. Can I register here?

Absolutely! But please respect our rating system. If a fanfic has a rating of "Adult", please respect that and don't read. These stories are rated that way for a reason.

How do I register?

Click on register. You'll need to supply a valid email address, and then will be notified via email. Then use the password in the email to sign in for the first time.

I never received my password.

Do you use Hotmail? Hotmail will lose the automatic emails (including reviews). Check your spam filter, if it is not there then please email us. You will need to use a different email account to receive reviews or site updates.

What are user profiles? How do I edit mine?

User profiles are used to let others know basic information about yourself, contact options and authors you like. To edit your profile go to your Control panel labeled "Account Info." There you have complete control of your profile.

I forgot my password! What do I do now?

To recover a lost password, click here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly.

How can I change my password?

Go to Account Info: Edit Bio. Scroll down to the end of the page. At the bottom of this page are 2 boxes that say "Password" and "Confirm Password". This is where you type in your new password. Then click Submit. You should then be set!

You already have my stories up! Can I still have an account?

Absolutely! We were working hard to get as much of the old archive into the new one, which meant that for some authors, we had to do it ourselves. To have the account that already includes all your uploaded fanfic, just contact us and we'll release the account to you

How can I become a Beta Reader?

Sign into your account and go into "Edit Bio", and next to "Beta-reader:" check the "yes" button. Then save the changes. Your name will now show up as a Beta Reader.

I'm being flamed in my Reviews!:

Tell Admin about it immediately. Don't keep it to yourself and never come back. We don't take kindly to flaming and try to keep the safest, most friendly environment for our Authors. If we view the comments as a flame, we will deal with the perpetrator and postings immediately.

How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form.

Reading Fanfic

Is there a printer friendly way to print out fanfics?

Yep! When you bring up the fanfic, look just under the title for a little icon that looks like a printer. Click this, and a new page will pop up that is much more friendly to printing.

Can you make things more work-friendly?

You may want to stick with the text only skin. Also, to read any fanfic without images, shut off the "Show Images" preference in your browser.

Why should I have to click on a chapter name to read a fanfic that has only the one? I just want to click on the name at the top to bring it up! That's stupid!

Fortunately there is an easy way to fix this. Go into your account, click on "Edit Preferences" and uncheck "Display table of contents for stories." You should be set!

How do I add stories/authors to my favorites list?

To add a story to your favorites list, simply click on the link provided at the end of the story/chapter. To add an author, you can also go to the author's user page, and click on the link next to the name. To remove a story or author, log in to your account and select "Manage Favorites."

I can't open Adult-rated stories.

Do you block pop-ups? Don't do that here. We don't have commercials and such, but there is a pop-up window when you get to the higher rated stories, where you have to accept what you are about to read. It won't work without pop-ups.

I read a story at another site that I really liked, but I don't see it here? Why?

Because we only archive stories that are submitted to us or that have been posted on the BotP Mailing List. If you have suggestions, please let us know, and we can see about emailing the author to see if they want to be included here.

How do I respond to a review someone has left on one of my fanfic?

First, go to the reviews for that story. Just below the story you will see a link that says "Respond" (depending on what skin, it might be towards the left or right). Once clicked you will have a page come up with a box that says over it "Author's Response:". Please use this instead of the box below the reviews, as that box is for leaving reviews only, not answering them.

Submitting Fanfic

What kinds of fanfic are allowed?

See our Submission Rules.

How do I submit fanfic?

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.


Please go here to read My Story.

Once you're happy with the look of your story, click on "Add Story" to add it. You may later edit your own stories via the "Manage Stories" link in your "Account Info" page.

How do I prepare my fanfic for posting?

You'll need to prepare your story as a 'plain text' file. The website programming will convert the story to html for you. In every place that your story has a line break (aka carriage return), the website will create one in the html version, so be careful to have 2 line breaks between paragraphs, one after each line in a lyric or poem, and none inside of paragraphs. You may use a limited number of html tags in your story, to provide bold, italics, and horizontal lines, for example. The submission page will show you exactly which tags are allowed. All this means you can't copy/paste in or submit a Word document as a story, since .doc files have all sorts of stuff in them besides the text you wrote. To convert a story from Word to 'plain text', do this:

  1. Do "Save as" and choose "Text only" (no line breaks). The file will be saved as a .txt file. Note that all 'line breaks' will be converted to line breaks in the story, so you only want them to appear at the end of paragraphs or lines of lyrics or poems.
  2. Close the file in Word. Re-open it in a text editor such as Wordpad (PC) or Textedit (Mac) and check that such things as quotes and apostrophes look simple, rather than curly. If you had bold or italic formatting in the Word version, you'll have to re-do that formatting using html code (, , etc). Re-save the file if necessary.
  3. If your story is very large, say above 125Kbytes in text form, then your browser may stall while posting it to the site. You may need to break it into chapters for posting. But you can always give it a try first.
What are the ratings used on the site?

What are the story classifications?

Stories are classified by Show, Universe, Timeframe and Genre. When submitting a fanfic and choosing a show, first click on the show, and then click the 'Add' button so that the show name appears in the box on to the right.



Can I choose more than one option, such as more than one character or more than one warning?

Absolutely! Hold down the CTRL key on a PC, or the Apple key on a Mac to select more than one in any category.

What is a Series? How is it different from a fanfic with chapters?

A Series is a grouping of related fanfics, not a single fanfic with multiple chapters. In fact, some series might include several fanfic that each have several chapters.

To create a series, first upload all the related fanfics. Then go to "Account Info" and click on "Add New Series". You can then name and give a description of this series of fanfic. You can also choose if anyone else can add to this series. On the second page you will have a chance to connect fanfic to this new series. Once this is done, click edit, scroll to the bottom of the page, and use the arrow icons to sort what order the fanfic should appear.

Now that you have created a series, you fanfic will not only show up in any of the fanfic searches, but will also show up in a Series search.

How do I split my fanfic into chapters?

Please do not post each new chapter as new fanfic. If your story is very long, say more than 15,000 words, you may want to break it into chapters to avoid users getting browser time-outs when trying to load it. To do this, submit your fanfic as described above, but only load the first part into the story text box. Then, visit your Account Info -> Manage Stories page, find your story, and click on Add New Chapter. You can then add the next part of your story. You may repeat this process until all of your story's chapters are added.

How can I insert Images into a fanfic?

First you need to upload the images. Go to Account: Manage Images: Upload New Images

Once the images are uploaded, you will be given the "HTML code to use image in story". This is the link you need to use to insert the image into the fanfic. Sometimes you need to preview the story twice once the HTML code is inserted for the image to show up.


Within the story box, place your cursor. Then click the image box in tinyMCE. A dialog box will come up where you can choose from the images you have already uploaded. Click Submit, and the image will now appear in the story box.

I uploaded a fanfic but do not see it!

All fanfic have to be validated before they can be posted. Your fanfic will show up just as soon as one of the moderators get to their computers.

My Story was rejected, but I wasn't given a reason!

We don't reject something small that we could fix themselves. We might even, if we have the time, email you and let you know why. But for the most part, those rejected are because they have not followed the Submission Rules set out for the Archives. Have a careful read through those Submission rules and you'll most probably see why your Story didn't get through.

My first submission was rejected. Does that mean you won't archive any of my fanfics?

No, not at all. Just because one fanfic didn???t meet our guidelines, others may. If your fanfic was rejected because of excessive grammatical and/or spelling errors, then you???re even welcome to work on it and resubmit.

My story is complete, but the summary says it's not. How can I change that?

After your fanfic has been accepted and put up on the site, you can mark your fanfics as complete by logging into your account and selecting the option to "Manage Stories." You will then be taken to a listing of all of your validated works and you can edit them accordingly. To mark something complete, click on the "no" where it says "Complete: No". The "no" will then change to a "yes". You can also change this on submission or edit.

How do I manage my account, stories, etc?

You have complete control of your stories, series, etc. Simply visit your "Account Info" page and select the appropriate link. For example, to edit a story you've submitted, select "Manage Stories".