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Also known as Sandy.

A long-time fan of Battle, I innocently typed it into Google in what may have been 2001. Lucked out and found some incredibly well-written fanfic -- hey, there's more to it than Mary Sues and R ratings! And, more importantly, it looked like fun.

I've been on all sides of the "fast / perfection" debate. I know the joy of working at something until it's exactly right, and the sorrow of watching the muses leave because you're too demanding. It boils down to doing what feels right at the time.

So, if you're moved to spend your time critiquing my work, do so. I know how fun it can be to take something apart to see what makes it work, and the challenge of figuring out why it doesn't quite work. Even if I don't use the advice immediately, I will appreciate the effort, and keep it in mind for the next piece. As I used to say, Any un-reported problems with this one will most likely inflict it upon you again.

If you're moved to comment in other ways, do that as well. The most important thing is that, whatever you do with my offerings, you enjoy them.

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