The Cuttlefish Mech pt 1 (The Giant Squid) by Candi Gomez
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Author's Chapter Notes:

It's a good thing that Sandy Frank didn't edit for physics
violations as well as violence and G-2. Otherwise, we'd have 20 min of Zark.

And is the 6:00 PM team rendezvous another salute at when Gatchaman was originally shown?

BTW, an agate is a hollow rock that looks dull grey on the outside, but has beautiful white-purple rocks on the inside. (For the younger fans. :-) Esp. since I'm not entirely sure how much kids the age of my son can read. He reads out loud fine, but he seems to read better
when he thinks nobody's listening.)

Curse of the Cuttlefish, Pt. 1


A squid is a type of cuttlefish, with the "shell" inside rather than outside. So calling it a cuttlefish actually makes some kind of sense.

So the squid shows up on Arcturus (sp?) rather than earth.

"Many fathoms below the sea?" Excuse me while I go look up the definition of "fathom¨.

[You know, I think one reason I definitely like GoS better is they get right to the action without Zark's nattering. But then, BotP doesn't have that thunka-thunk-thunka going on. (My Dad calls it thumping on cardboard boxes.)]

9,000,000 miles beyond Mercury is approximately where?

"220,000 miles a second, faster than the speed of light." Well, every interstellar story needs FTL transport, or the story will get nowhere fast. As Asimov (and others) have said, "With current science it's impossible," but with certain types of sci-fi it's necessary. And in BotP, a name for FTL is Time Warp.

Moving faster than the human mind can calculate? I hope he's not including Einstein and Hawking in that.

The pictures of the stars and galaxies and interstellar space are quite marvelous, a definite bonus of an interstellar rather than an earthbound show.

Remote Control planes, armed forces, etc., and Zark brings the Phoenix out of time warp -as well as keeping an eye on the universe. Bad case of robot hubris, anyone?

Alien neutron shield? And for someone who's having their base blown out from under them, that soldier doesn't sound very excited.

Stock footage, anyone?

LO's a lot bossier than Computor.

What is with the LO's voice? (I have a REALLY BIG jar of chocolate candy beside me¡ I think I'll need it, between Zark and LO.)

The to-be-stolen object is the Conway Tapes in BotP; (in GoS it's a plutonium isotope).

Jason says the Conway Tapes should have been kept at Center Neptune, not sent to Arcturus. And the Chief essentially says he is right ("hit it right on the button"). And Jason's voice sounds pretty good here, low tenor rather than kicked soprano.

Remote control military forces of Arcturus: where's the Tootsie Rolls? (And my tea?)

One thing I never did get was the disassembling squid ship.

And Zoltar reassembles the ship and Princess says he's going to make a break for it . It comes across as a twisted sort of pun.

This makes NO SENSE. Jason: "One blast from our TBX missile" will put the squid dead to rights. Than he says, "One clear shot. I won't miss." THAN he says, "I hope we have enough fire power." AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE!?!

And this is one scene where you can see the brotherly closeness between G-1 and G-2. Until G-2 gets ready to fire he's got his left hand on G-1's left shoulder. Expressions show a comfortable friendship. No need for words for these two.

And the squid shoots out its ink cloud...Zoltar bragging, team's response...

More Zark: I think by now we are VERY CLEAR that Arcturus is considered the sister planet of earth. We don't need to hear it from the tin can AGAIN. I swear, even Adrea, as easily distracted as she gets, remembered that "they said that already!"

Zark flying...where's the bug spray? And he is so inane.

Team conversation about what Zoltar's up to...much the same tenor as GoS.

How does G-3 keep her hair up in those hook shapes?

Zoltar bragging about Agent S-9. And they couldn't use Mala because....? I mean, S-9 looks like her with her hair up. Wonder why? :-P

S-9 introducing herself to the local spies. One thing I always thought interesting was the white decoration on the walls of this room. If you take a good look, you can tell how the line follows the top outline of the Spectra/Galactor symbol, horns and forehead.

Mark telling Keyop to pretend Princess is his sister. Is it me, or does he sound just a little sarcastic when he's telling Keyop, "I know that's hard to imagine."

And the pose Princess takes when handing G-1 her bracelet looks flirty, whatever the intention of the animators originally was.

Speaking of which, having the team members hand him their bracelets instead of telling them to put the bracelets in their pockets is a prime example of a bad command decision by G-1- in any incarnation.

The bracelets being dead giveaways to Spectra? What if he gets caught with ALL FIVE bracelets?!

Okay, this part is actually LESS suspicious than GoS. The little boy's running, yelling for help. When G-3 and 4 catch up, he says that he saw men hurting a woman and they gave him money and told him to get lost.  Unfortunately, stuff like that's been known to happen in the real world. In GoS, the little boy said that a man gave him money to run down the street yelling "Galactor's after me!" Suspicious much? Talk about putting them on their guard! If the attack on the woman hadn't seemed unrelated...(Sorry, Adrea likes Totally Spies.)

Um...S-9 acted like she hurt her leg, but apparently forgot by the time they got to her "home". And Princess agreed to the dinner invitation because she smelled a rat. The only quibble I have here is why didn't Princess make an excuse to get to a phone? Surely there was a number she could of called and a code phrase she could have used to sound perfectly normal ("Dad, I won't be home for supper") while alerting the team and/or HQ that there was a rat in her vicinity. (And yes, I have the same quibble with Aggie on GoS.)

Oh, and isn't Zark supposed to watching over them?

What is the whole cadre of Spectran spies doing there? Shouldn't they be out working?

At least G-3's smart enough to realize her drink's probably drugged.

Nice ambush. (And Gatch theme.:-) )

Why was S-9 so sure they were G-Force? And why didn't Princess make a defense? Aggie offered that they were junior detectives...not that that was very plausible, come to think of it. Still, why so sure they're G-Force? Lots of kids take judo and tae kwon do classes, and they didn't use any fancier moves than that.

Kind of smart, for Zoltar to try to get at the building holding the tapes from below when the expected attack is from above. Wonder what the Arcturians (City of LawnPark in GoS) plan to do with the resulting salt water influx.

And just how did Zark lose track of Princess and Keyop? I thought -as Zark often says- that part of his job is watching over G-Force. With special attention to Princess. (Aims a missile at the tin can.)

Zark smoozing about how wonderful Mark is.

To be cont....


Ace is narrator in this ep...

Come to think of it, why does Computor sound like he's talking thru the bass settings of a microphone?

Ooooohhhhkayyy, I forgot that: a) Computor can come across as subservient even while blaming Galactor for everything that has gone wrong and b) that here Galactor calls Computor his "evil shadow." Whether he is, or whether Galactor just thinks he is, I've never been clear on.

Basically, the whole idea of the squid mission here was to lure G-force into a situation where they'd be out of combat mode. The isotope theft was icing. they mention the Mayor met with UN reps and members of the International Research Institute. I need to check if that's supposed to be the official name of the organization that is referred to in other eps as the Institute of Science, or if it's an affiliate. (Anyone remember the original name of Duke University?)

No robot forces here: you can see the soldiers manning the equipment in several shots.

Pewee's smart; he says that it's probably a trap. At least someone's learning from experience.

I love this: Ace is thinking out loud about what Galactor's up to, and Dirk says that they don't have time to double-think Galactor, that they gotta attack (and he gets shot down by Brighthead's interrupting with "No.")

Dirk interrupts Brighthead, but B doesn't call him on it; is he keeping score?

G-4 goes: "You can count on G-Force and Pewee!" Wonder if that got him an offscreen bop? :-)

More soldiers on non-robot boats. Funny; these guys are talking about destroying the monster and becoming superheroes themselves and have their faces on t-shirts. Squid doesn't let them get any farther than that.

Non-robot planes destroyed. WAIT a MINUTE! The squid caught the missiles and THREW THEM BACK! This must be another violation of the laws of physics...More non-robot planes destroyed, human cries of pain, etc. Explosions on the Phoenix's viewscreen.

 Umm...this line I never got. Galactor says, "Welcome, G-force. It won't be long before you're under my control." Huh?

Aggie's line here is: "It's reassembling."

Getting close for that clear shot to destroy the mech of the week... (Which we know ain't happenin' yet....)

Dirk: (yes, DIRK): "Ace, if you remember, Dr. Brighthead asked us to be very cautious this time."

Ace: "But there's no other way to stop them before they attack LawnPark."

Dirk: (pats Ace's shoulder) "Well, I'm right behind you, buddy. I just hope that you know what you're getting us into this time."

And this is one scene where you can see the brotherly closeness between G-1 and G-2. Until G-2 gets ready to fire he's got his left hand on G-1's left shoulder. Expressions show a comfortable friendship. No need for words for these two.

(And about now Ayako, in her PDs, would be saying, "I WILL NOT COMMENT ON THIS!¨) :-p

Love this: Dirk: "You tell me when to fire the missile."

Ace: "When we're close to it."

No, I don't think Ace is being a moron. Dirk acknowledged Ace's command, and Ace is acknowledging Dirk's skill, judgment, and markmanship.

Ink cloud.

Smart decision here. Can't see, underwater, turn off the flippin' engines! Else you'll run into a big chunk of rock!

Missed this last time! In this shot, G-2's cape looks black with an off-white/light grey lining.

Galactor gloating, team's reaction. Pewee demands Galactor come down and fight "fair and square." Ace, thinking, knows darn well that Galactor never fights fair, but they're going to kick his tail anyway!

They're hanging around the city, wondering what Galactor's up to. Nice group shot of everyone but G-2.

Hootie says, "Maybe he just wanted us to relax so that when he does attack the city we wouldn't fight back." I'll say it again -Owls do not get enough credit!

Ace gets this great "Uh-oh, he might be right!" look on his face.

Here, it's not resident Spectran spies but disguised Galactor soldiers that are to scout the city. Must have been someone with brains in charge: only some green at all in sight, and no uniforms. And Psycho Chick introduces herself as Galactor's sister, Veronica.

Pewee protests about giving his band up. I'll say it again: bad command decision!

Ace says as long as they're are wearing them they may as well be wearing t-shirts that say they belong to G-Force. NO COMMENT!

Aggie says she feels "helpless" without her band, but her tone doesn't come across as "this is how I really feel" tone but more "this is a bad idea." Same for Pewee's agreement.

Dirk protests rather mildly, twice. At least Ace acknowledges his worries, even tho G-1 should NOT have made that decision in the FIRST place!

Umm, why'd they clip the bit of "Veronica" actually holding her ankle from BotP? Zark's not THAT important.

Well, what do you know! Between Aggie and Pewee entering "Veronica's¨ house and the servant with the towel leaving the dining room, there was a bit of film clipped in GoS, a bit that did appear in Battle of the Planets, Curse of the Cuttlefish, Pt. 1! Wonder why it was clipped? Extraneous to the translated plot, or couldn't they come up with a believable dialogue?

GG-in-street-clothes calls Pewee's manners "disgusting." Veronica points out, quite reasonably, that Pewee didn't fight like an ordinary kid when "rescuing" her from the "attackers." She does agree that he's "pretty gross."

Same scene, get drugged, beat up the bad guys, get caught. More bad guys and guns visible.

Pewee and Aggie are 15 min overdue to meet with the boys. I like how Dirk calls that "really late" and then shows his concern by wondering if anything's happened to them. All Condor fans know that G-2's like an agate filled with marshmallow, right? :-)

Hootie wonders if Galactor caught them.

How come BotP didn't show that guy landing on G-4? Child endangerment?

Aggie hitting goons with a chair...Pewee sure is a noisy little kid...are all little boys that way? (Connor is!)

When Veronica confronts Aggie and Pewee, she accuses them of being G-Force. Aggie says: "If you think we're G-Force, we must have fought pretty well. What we are is junior police officers, and you're under arrest."

G-3 looks quite different in that nasty dungeon, with only the dark yellow light from the lamp on her.

So they chopped about half the dungeon scene from BotP, but I'm not so sure that's a loss. GoS gets a cool shot of G-3, but we have listen to Pewee whining he's hungry and should've brought a sandwich.


To be cont....

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