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Quick Comparison Chart

Many people have helped out with this including James and Wendy. There are still a few blanks, mostly on the Eagle Riders side, as I have yet to unbury my tapes of the series. If you find anything to insert, please let me know and I'll get the chart updated. If there are any problems in formatting, I apologize. Unfortunately tables is one of the few things we can't do here.


                                     Gatchaman                       Gatchaman                        Battle of the Planets             G-Force -                          Eagle Riders
                                                                         (OAV English Dub)                                                          Guardians of Space

Location:                      Earth/Moon/Mars             Earth/Moon/Mars              Galaxy-wide                         Earth                                  Earth

Team: G-1                   Ken Washio                        Ken                                    Mark                                     Ace Goodheart                  Hunter Harris

Team: G-2                   Joe Asakura                        Joe                                     Jason                                    Dirk Daring                       Joe Thax

Team: G-3                   Jun                                     Jun                                     Princess                                Agatha June                      Kelly Jennar
                                                                                                                                                                    (nickname Aggie)

Team: G-4                   Jinpei                                 Jimmy                                 Keyop                                  Peewee                              Mickey Dugan

Team: G-5                   Ryu Nakanishi                   Rocky                                 Tiny Harper                          Hoot Owl                          Ollie Keeawani
                                                                                                                                                                   (nickname: Hootie)

Team Overseer:           Dr. Kozaburou Nambu       Dr. Nanbu                           Chief Anderson                   Dr. Brighthead                   Thaddeus Keane

Team Name:                Science Ninja Team           Science Ninja Team            G-Force                              G-Force                              Eagle Riders
                                   (Kagaku Ninja Tai)

G-1's Father:               Red Impulse                       Red Specter                        Colonel Cronus                  Red Impulse                        Harley Harris
                                   Kentaro Washio                                                            Red Rangers

Team Phrase for          Bird Go!                            Eagle One Transform           Transmute!                        G-Force Transform!             Bird Mode Now!
Transformation:                                                   Shape-Shift Condor
                                                                            Swan Mode Now
                                                                            Falcon Tracker Transform

Head of ISO               Director Anderson           Anderson                               President Kane                   Anderson                             Anderson
(or its varients)

Organization Team   ISO/International             ISO                                         Galaxy Security                   ISO                                      Global Security Council
Works Under:           Science Organization

                                Gatchaman                           Gatchaman                         Battle of the Planets               G-Force -                         Eagle Riders
                                                                           (OAV English Dub)                                                                                                      Guardians of Space

Team Main Vehicle
and special Mode:
  Series 1:              God Phoenix/Firebird           Phoenix/Firebird                 Phoenix/Fiery Phoenix          Phoenix/Firebird Mode        ?
  Series 2:              New God Phoenix                 N/A                                     N/A                                       N/A                                     Ultra Eagle/Fire Eagle Mode
  Series 3:              Gatchaspartan                      N/A                                     N/A                                       N/A                                      ?

G-1 Vehicle
  Series 1:              Jet fighter                             ?                                          Summit Jet                             ?                                          N/A   
  Series 2:              Eagle Sharp                          N/A                                     N/A                                       N/A                                      ?
  Series 3:              Gatcha-1 - Jet Fighter         N/A                                     N/A                                       N/A                                       ?

G-2 Vehicle       
  Series 1:             Race car                                ?                                         Spacemobile                            ?                                         N/A
  Series 2:             Condor Attacker                  N/A                                    N/A                                         N/A                                      ?
  Series 3:             Gatcha-2  -                         N/A                                    N/A                                         N/A                                      ?
                            Racecar/flying craft

G-3 Vehicle
  Series 1:             Sonic Car                             ?                                          Galacticycle                             ?                                         N/A
  Series 2:             Auto Swan                           N/A                                    N/A                                         N/A                                      ?
  Series 3:            Gatcha-3 - Hovercraft         N/A                                     N/A                                        N/A                                      ?
G-4 Vehicle
  Series 1:           Helico Buggy                        ?                                          Star Buggy/Widget                    ?                                         N/A
  Series 2:           Swallow Helico                     N/A                                     N/A                                         N/A                                      ?
  Series 3:           Gatcha-4 - ATV                   N/A                                      N/A                                        N/A                                       ?

G-5 Vehicle
  Series 1:           God Phoenix                        Phoenix                               Phoenix                                   Phoenix                               N/A   
  Series 2:           Horned Tank                       N/A                                     N/A                                         N/A                                      ?
  Series 3:           Gatcha-5 - Tank                 N/A                                     N/A                                         N/A                                      ?

Team Weapons:

G-1 Series 1:      Boomerang                               Boomerang                      Sonic Boomerang                Boomerang                             N/A
  Series 2:           Cutting Saucer/Sonic Gun        N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                         ?
  Series 3:           G-Fencer/"Freeze Gun"            N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                          ?

G-2 Series 1:      Airgun                                     Airgun                             Airgun                                 Gun                                         N/A
  Series 2:          Sonic Gun/Feather Shuriken     N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                          ?
  Series 3:          Rocket-Powered Shuriken,       N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                          ?
                        "Freeze Gun"

G-3 Series 1:       Yoyo                                      Yoyo                               Yoyo                                     Yoyo                                        N/A
  Series 2:           Aurora Ribbon/Sonic Gun        N/A                                N/A                                      N/A                                          ?
  Series 3:           Enerator/"Freeze Gun"             N/A                                N/A                                      N/A                                           ?

G-4 Series 1:       American Cracker (Bolos)       ?                                      Bolos                                   Bolos                                       N/A
  Series 2:           Rebound Ball/Sonic Gun         N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                          ?
  Series 3:           Swallow Top/"Freeze Gun"      N/A                                 N/A                                     N/A                                          ?

G-5 Series 1:       Airgun                                   ?                                      Airgun                                 ?                                               N/A
  Series 2:           Gripper/Sonic Gun                 N/A                                  N/A                                    N/A                                           ?
  Series 3:           Owl Sickle/"Freeze Gun"         N/A                                 N/A                                    N/A                                           ?


                                     Gatchaman                           Gatchaman                    Battle of the Planets          G-Force -                         Eagle Riders
                                    (OAV English Dub)                                                                                                Guardians of Space

Evil Organization:         Galactor                                Galactor                        Spectra                              Galactor                            Vorak

First Series                   Sosai X                                   Lord Zortek                 Great Spirit                         Computor                         Cybercon
Evil Mastermind:                                                                                            or Luminous One               (comp-you-tor)

First Series                  Berg Katse                              Solaris                         Zoltar                                  Galactor                            Lukan
Main Villian:

Second Series             Gel Sadra                                N/A                             N/A                                      N/A                                 Mallanox
Main Villian :

Third Series              Egobossler                               N/A                             N/A                                      N/A                                 Happy Boy
Main Villian:             (Gatchaman Fighter)

All-Female               Devil Star                                  ?                                 Galaxy Girls                            ?                                     N/A
Special Force:
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