All I want for Christmas- is five birds in a Canary cage. by Ebonyswanne
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20th December 2085. 

That Morning...just after a late breakfast at Galactor Headquarters.

“Lord Katse.” The deep voice of Sosa X addressed his subject.

“Devine Leader, what is your bidding.” Katse politely addressed Sosai.

“You have failed me, Lord Katse time and again. I don’t know why I still keep you, but you still have your uses…The Science Ninja Team must die before the 25th December…” Sosai informed him.

“Why the 25th December?” Katse questioned raising his hands to show his confusion.

“You need a goal Katse, and I want them gone.” Sosai told him simply.

“And how do you expect me to do it by then my lord…”Katse knew this was a standard question, but he asked it anyway.

“Our new mecha will accomplish this…The Santa sled.”

“Oh yesss.” Katse put a thoughtful finger to his lips as he purred his response.” Very impressive Leader X I’m sure that the Science –“

“Enough, I have had a special weapon put on board the Mecha. Have you tested it yet?” Sosai impatiently asked.

“Yes sire the test went very well…” Katse proudly informed his Leader.

“Gooodddd…” Sosai drawled, “I want you to use it on the Science Ninja Team.”

“Of course sire, they are sure to show up since people have gone missing, we’ll draw them out and then… eliminated them,” Katse confidently bowed to Sosai.

“You say that every time Katse…Don’t fail me again…you’re become overconfident since we took down their base…”

“I’ll get to it right away…” The Katse scurried from the room to carry out Sosai’s bidding.

Katse walked out of the meeting with his leader feeling more confident than ever that this would be the last Christmas that the Science Ninja Team would be a problem for Galactor.

Boarded the transport ship that had been waiting to take him to the new Mecha that Leader X had built for him to deal his final blow on the Earth and he was convinced it would be the end of those brats forever, he smirked as he got of the transport and went through the secret entrance to the main part of the Sled Mecha, it consisted of pieces that came together, the command centre was the Sled.

He walked through the halls to a door that was the entrance to the main control room of the special secret weapon of the sled.

“Dr Snowman, how have the tests been successful on the new weapon?” Katse questioned his new chief scientist.

“Lord Katse…the weapon is amazing!” The smug bald short fat, scientist patted himself on the back. The white coat completed his look.” It was a little late in development but we should be able to make up the lost time…It shrinks everything the laser beam touches.”

“Good!”Katse gave an evil laugh as he looked at the bird cage that contained tiny people that looked to be about the size of fairies.

“Let me out of here!”

“Turn me back to normal…”

 The small squeaky terrified cries of the victims of Dr.Snowman’s experiment could be heard through the bars of the cage.

“You’re a freak!” One them yell out angrily.

“Who said that?” Katse demanded as he scrutinized then miniature people in the cage and they all ran to the other side as his green masked eyes tried to single out the one who would dare call him a freak. “When I find you I’ll hand you over to cat for its dinner.” He snarled as he looked up at the other canary cage with five perches inside that he had waiting for his special Christmas guests.

“This special little cage just for the five birdies…I want to see them squawk and fly around that bird cage as my prisoners…ahhh it’s all I want for Christmas. Then I’ll kill them at my leisure for my New Years celebration.” He smirked and his face broke out into a happy smile as he looked over at Dr. Snowman.

 Then threw his head back and let the most joyful laugh he pictured the end of Gatchaman.

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