Fist Fight by Daniel Rush
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Fist Fight

Maybe it was coming for a long time between them both, but Jun could always somehow do the impossible to keep them from coming to blows......untill now.

They came walking out of the God Pheonix jumping and cursing up a storm! Ken tried to hold Joe back on one side while Jun had to wrestle Jinpei to the deck to keep him from wriggling out of her grasp!

"Bring it on little shit!! comeon!! I'll kick your sorry butt half way to Berg Katse's house!!"

"You wanna fight Joe! Let's go to the training room! You meet me there in one hour!" Jinpei said as he pushed Jun aside and walked off swearing and punching the walls with the most angry snarl on his face.

Ken threw Joe back towards the ship and cussed him out. "Your not going to fight him Joe! I don't give squat about your so called Sicillian honor, fighting a ten year old boy isn't worth that!"

"Don't get in our fricken way Ken! This is between me and the kid alone! If he wants to call himself a man, then let the little shit prove it!"

Jun wanted to knock Joe on his back, clock his stupid bruttish head, but she'd have to face Jinpei's wrath for stopping what he wanted to do. And it wouldn't prevent them from doing a fight in some more dangerous place. Joe gave her a slight smile when he passed as if to say, "Don't worry...I won't hurt him too much."


Jinpei had transmuted back into civies and was standing with his shirt off in the padded training room, waiting for Joe to show up.

"Where is he?" The boy thought as he smirked angrily at the doorway. " Comeon jerky Joe, your waisting my time!"

The doors opened at last and Joe walked in dressed in his leather jacket, a white T-shirt, and blue jeans cracking his knuckles loudly.

"Ok manio....I'm here. The rules are simple. No weapons, the old style, and full contact kick ass!"

Jinpei began to shake his arms rapidly. "Fine....It'll be good to send your stupid ass out of here on a stretcher." He said with a grin as he took up the daken stance.

Joe just stood there, drifting between "Why am I doing this?" and "This little shit needs a good ass kicking for being such a big mouth!"

"Fine "little swallow!" Let's rock!" Joe quickly went into a totaly different style of Daken.

As expected.......Jinpei led off with a swift set of punches and snap kicks which Joe easily dusted off with blocks!

Joe came back with one good fake and a solid punch that sent the boy flying back to the floor with a bloody lip!

"Shit!" Jinpei said as he wiped the cut and shook the blood from his fingers.

"I told you "kid!" You wana be a man? You'd better be and not act like a man!"

Jinpei did what young boys usualy do when they get angry.....he charged! And he got thrown into a padded wall! Hard enough to feel the solid steel behind the padding!

"Grrr........" Jinpei let out a very audable growl as he got off the floor and took the daken again.

"Veet.....veet.....veet!" Joe whispered. "Come here puppy." Joe took up the most insulting stance and called Jinpei as if he were a little dog! He came at Joe again and dodged his attempt to kick him!

Jinpei let him have a series of rolling punches that connected well but had no strenth without Jinpei's bird suit. But the sudden jumping kick to Joe's jaw sure did! The big Sicillian crashed to the floor as Jinpei landed back into the Daken again!

"Veet....veet....veet!" Come here Joe the Jerk! "Veet...veet...veet!"

Joe gave the boy his moment, because when he came up off the floor, he faked the boy into a attempted kick.....and slammed his fist into the boy's groin!

He fell down and howled loudly with Joe standing over him. "Get up Manio! Comeon! Get up!"

Jinpei didn't...he lay there crying in pain as Joe bent over him with sudden concern.

and with sudden swiftness........he took a full fist into the nose! and a smashing fist ot the side of the face! And Joe went crashing down!

"Look who's screaming now!! Comeon Anikie! Kick my ass!" Jinpei screamed as he began to bounce up and down.

"Ricky, ticky, Jinpei, see me bounce! look at Joe Asakura crawling on the......."


Jinpei felt his left leg rip from it's side as Joe's sweep kick dislocated it from the hip! " Dam it!" The boy howled again in a more screaming and urgent tone of voice showing that he was realy hurt!

Joe wasn't convinced as he watched

Jinpei struggle to get up and hobble on his single leg.

"Holy shit! Jinpei this is going to far! Let's call it quits till you get that leg fixed!" Joe said as the boy shook his head.

"Fuck off! I said I'd kick your ass and I ment it! Fight me you stupid Italian Jerk!"

Joe shook his head. " I'm not falling for that kid! This fight's over you hear me!"

Jinpei snarled, " What's the matter!! Chicken!!" The boy screamed but got no response as Joe began to walk out on him.

"Your mother was a chicken wasn't she!" Jinpei said it with utter effect, devistating effect!

Joe threw his jacket back down and turned on the boy, his face was no longer friendly, or that of a team mate, but of a killer!

Joe came at Jinpei in a rage and the boy caught his wild punch and used it as a spring to send all he had in his good leg into Joe's chest!

"CRACK!"......A rib was broken in two and Joe felt it stab into his lung!

But the sicillian was blinded! He threw punch after punch at Jinpei untill the boy was no more than a rag doll in his hands!

"JOE!!!" Came the terrified scream from behind. Jun threw him off her brother and let fly with everything she had from punching to screaming untill the medics and a gang of security men broke the melee up!

TWO DAYS LATER Nambu's office.

Doctor Nambu was highly beyond anger with his two charges. He couldn't rightly bring Joe up on child abuse and endangerment charges because Jinpei had more than once boasted how he'd kick Joe's behind to hell and back. Now they both sat before Nambu with pittifull looks and bruises on thie faces awaiting punishment.

"In all my life, I have never before seen a more disgracefull act like this. You two wanted to do this, you just HAD to FRICKEN do this! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU TRYING TO FRICKEN PROVE!!"

"Hakasei?...." Jinpei tried to talk.......

"SHUT UP BOY!" Nambu said with cold harshness that made Jinpei shrink to near tears.

"HAKASEI! Let me speek!" Joe said as he looked at his young cohort with a slight but acceptable anger.

"What Joe?" Nambu said as he calmed to a reasonable level.

"The boy fought very well, though at times rather rashfully so, I take all of the blame for everything that happened. I've teased Jinpei ever since he was six years old, never once thinking he could be any better than a snivling little jerk. Well.....I may be a head strong

Sicilliano but I give credit where it needs to go. The manio has always had my respect, though I never show him that till now."

Jinpei looked at Joe in surprize, then away in shame. "Why should he take the blame! I pushed him into fighting me! I insulted his mother! I pressed my luck, I deserved to get beat up Hakasei !" Jinpei protested as Nambu sat back in thought.

"Well.....your both to blame for what happened then so here's your punishment. Half a months pay for three months and you'll both wash the God Pheonix and the hanger for the whole week. Your also confined to base, to share the same room, and have that room inspection ready three times a day!"

Nambu looked at them both before leaving them alone. " Any questions?"

Not one of them even dared to speak.

"I thought so......" Nambu said as he walked out. For a while, both remained silent and unable to speek untill Joe walked over to the underwater view port and rested his hands against the glass.

"Tough punishment huh?" He said as Jinpei slouched in the thick recliner near the desk.

"Hey, are you gonna sit there and weep manio or can we talk without resorting to blows again?"

Jinpei didn't want to talk, he felt to tired and upset to do any talking till Joe came up and rubbed his shoulders.

"Hey manio? It's not that bad. I'm just glad you wern't realy hurt by those pulled punches of mine."

"I called your mom a chicken. It wasn't right Anikie!" Jinpei wouldn't look at Joe till the man gave the boy's face a gentle touch.

"And I call you little boy, shrimp, and a whole lot of names I shouldn't use manio. Names hurt don't they? Well let's stop the stupid stuff and start over, you and me. I doubt we'll ever stop trying to outdo each other but we could at least start acting like real brothers for once right?"

Jinpei knoded as Joe patted him on the head. " Now I hear your the reining Mortal Kombat 17 champ of Cresent Coral? How's about I take you on to see just how good you are?"

Jinpei suddenly changed and smirked, "I'll kick your butt!" He cried as he leaped from the chair and tapped his fixed leg on deck.

"After you Anikie! After's your Yen we're using!"


 Here we go again!
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