Mirrors by Sal
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We're sitting on a ledge, mirrors of each other. Watching, waiting, gathering
intel. It's always the same.
I look over at my teammate. Don't even have to study the intent profile.
It's engraved in my mind. My gaze turns back to the low building in the
middle of nowhere.
Nothing has changed.
Nothing changes.
It never does.
Every grey morning brings with it the knowledge of a life we once had, what
it has become and what we always will be. We're targets. I think he feels
that way, too.
I think we all do.
Something different would be nice. Anything is better than this
nothingness. A day without the enemy. An hour without someone's tears. A
second of hope.
Death rides our wings and watches over our shoulders, ready to take our
hand. It brushes against us in the heat of battle, and when we get out alive
we are no wiser. Death offers no wisdom. It only breeds familiarity. It isn't
blood and fear and pain. It isn't angels, light and love.
Death is nothingness.
It is the absence of life.
Life. I wish we could have that.
I'll pray we can have that.
Maybe someday.
I look at my partner. Nothing. He hasn't changed. There is no hope there, no
life, nothing but grim determintaion.
We are opposites. We don't think or look or act the same.
And we are mirrors. Closer than any twins.
I know when he looks at me, he sees what I see in him. No hope, no life,
just grim determination. He can't see it in himself. The job doesn't allow it.
But he can see those things in me. I am his mirror. He's safe that way.
I turn back to the building just like any other in a sea of nothing that
looks the same as all the other places we've been.
I've forgotten how to pray.
I wait for guilt or sadness or something to make me remember. Nothing comes.
I force myself not to look at him again.
"Something on your mind?" He says it softly, never breaking his pose.
I almost smile. "Nothing that wasn't already there."
I continue staring out over the ledge.
I feel him watching me. Hear him shift and know he's watching the building
"You know any prayers?" I ask.
Silence fills the space before he answers.
"I used to, but I don't remember now."
I don't say anything.
Long minutes pass. I stare ahead, seeing other places, other
times, waiting for something to come.
I hear him muttering, then louder.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I am not alone."
"I don't think that's right," I say.
"You would disagree."
I smile this time. "Say it again."
"You would disagree."
I grin and look at him. He's grinning, too. We stay that way for a moment.
He hesitates and looks away. I know what he's going to say. I silently
repeat it with him.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death, I am not alone."
I study him. Something different. Something alive. I take what's there and
put my hand on his shoulder. "No. You're not alone."
He turns and studies me, absorbs his reflection back into himself and smiles.
"You're not either." He drapes an arm across my shoulders and then lets it
slip away. I half smile and return to my position.
We're watching, waiting for something to happen.
We're sitting on the ledge, mirrors of each other.

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