Phantom Lover by Lyssa
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Princess hated stormy nights with a passion rarely felt.  Well, until a year ago she felt indifferent about them.  Then she’d experienced something ephemeral, unearthly and most definitely enjoyable.  Enjoyable didn’t begin to describe the sensations developing since then.  Still stormy nights like this and the passion filling them reminded her of the life she didn’t have.  Passing in a flash, the morning always left her depressed and desiring the things she wanted, needed to feel complete.

Sighing with frustration and looking back, it started a year ago, on a night very much like this.  Thunder rolled across the darkening sky, followed by his brother lightening.  The flash of illumination sent her mind back, remembering her ordeal.  Using the bioengineered second skin, she’d gone out looking for trouble.  It didn’t take long to find her. Three days missing, assumed dead, Princess endured the recriminations within her own mind. The first few hours, trapped in that flower, unable to move or contact any of her teammates for help, Princess finally considered all the things she’d never had time to do.

The list, longer than she’d imagined had intimacy at the top. Oh, she had affections for her male teammates, but a love affair between them would never work. Just as a love affair with a civilian could not succeed because she had neither the time nor inclination to initiate one.  Trapped between a rock and a hard place, she’d remained a untried, untested and unbroken in the sexual area.

The night she’d been rescued, not by her teammates but Spectran goons, she’d been too busy trying to survive torture and death at their hands.  Laying safe in her bed at the conclusion of the mission, the wants and needs poured from her subconscious demanding she do something to satisfy them.  The reality of imminent death brought home by her ordeal, Princess’s mind made up for the lack of male attention.  Outside, a sudden and violent storm whipped up into a frenzied vortex of elemental destruction.  Inside her bedroom, her mind did the same.  Allowing her imagination free reign, she finally allowed her passion freedom to explore her sexuality.   Somehow, as the storm passed, she knew what it was to make love to a man.

Tonight, curled into a tight ball, terrified by her desires as the tempest raged outside her bedroom, she considered what it would be like to make love to a real man.  So far Princess’s mind supplied a figment, a phantom lover she desired, one who desired her in return. A composite of the three strong males she called brothers, she began to imagine taking this miracle man to her bed in reality.  It always started her fantasy on a night like this when she could no longer bear her solitude and loneliness.

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