Owl and the Phoenix by Phoenixfire
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Story Notes:
I don't own Gatchaman, Marvel or anything that is copyrighted.

Set Post Marvel cartoons (Avengers EMH & Wolvering and the Xmen) and a few episodes into Gatchaman Fighter.
Author's Chapter Notes:

Just to let new readers know, this is the fourth chapter of my "The lost Owl and the Phoenix" fiction. Although I do try to do a summary of the previous story in the first chapter, it doesn't hurt to go back and read them all. Everything is linked.

The first two fics are known as "This is our Story" and "The other side of the Story". The third fic is known as "Owl Assemble" which is when the story officially becomes a marvel/Gatchaman crossover. All three fics are found in the "Lost Owl and the Phoenix" series so enjoy.

Owl And The Phoenix

With Ryu finding out that he was stuck in the Marvel universes dimension, he was given an informal invitation to join the Avengers. Of course, the informal invitation eventually turned into a formal one once the world was introduced to the Horned Owl. Showing the world that the Avenger's will accept anyone with the drive to do good, Ryu's appearance helped the Avenger's image improve. With his first enemies being the wrecking crew, he was given a trial by fire by Carol and Janet, better known as Ms Marvel and the Wasp.

Of course, it wasn't all fighting and games. Ryu got a new wardrobe to keep up with the times, some good-natured teasing on what he usually wears and getting introduced to the other Avengers. But it wasn't just fun and good times to be had, a reminder that he had responsibilities back home and the realisation that his old team may be dead causes a panic attack and the first flare of psionic energy. Still, once recovered, he was cheered up, especially when the quinjet was shown to him.

But his first solo act in the team showed this 17 year old ninja that although he was shown a lot of things form this world... It didn't shield his from theirs.

Ryu eventually came across Hydra in the heat of battle. But with Hydra dressing up startlingly familiar to Galactor, Ryu acted on instinct. Bringing the full force of the lethal Kaguku Ninpo art of combat to the court, Ryu decimated an entire squad of Hydra goons, much to the Reapers interest. With Captain America, Hawkeye and the Hulk bearing witness to this, Ryu was given a powerful shock to the system in the differences between worlds. This eventually snapped his mind to think of his home and a strong bout of home-sickness, regret at resorting to those methods and a fear of losing the people he cared about finally bubbled up and out. With his teammates in another dimension or dead and no-one close he could draw strength from, he finally spilled out things to Steve Rogers. Almost a whole years of war and trauma was spilled out to the war veteran who was once again reminded of the horrors of war. Once Ryu was finished, the weight on his chest was lifted somewhat.

Then a drill occurred Moleman was introduced, he found out his feather shuriken's were running low and another flare of psionic power was done. The accompanying headaches were disregarded since they were in combat and considered a sign of stress but it was infact his own psionic abilities growing up and improving as the God Phoenix rested within his mind and soul. Defeating Moleman, the team returned to the mansion where Ryu was introduced to the Fantastic Four. Of course, he was also shown Tony Stark's latest projects involving him. His bracelet was improved, rendering his uniform obsolete whilst also hammering in the realisation that his previous life was fading.

He spoke with Janet, describing the team, the God Phoenix and his own little idea he was toying with. He wanted to rebuild the God Phoenix, so that when he returned to his dimension, he could destroy Galactor. He did have to explain to Janet about Jinpei's age, since the 10 year old was obviously younger than the mid to late teens in the team, but he believes he reasoned and explained it pretty well. They then left with the Fantastic Four to their home base, the Baxter Building. Ryu and Johnny, due to a little incident earlier that day, had a certain amount of animosity between the two, so when told to give Ryu a tour, Johnny decided to do a bit of payback and make it a flaming extreme tour, before leaving him on free-falling down the stairwell.

Getting back the the human Torch was easy enough. He just returned to the roof and started examining their ship, leaving Johnny to the mercies of his sister who found out about the extreme tour. Getting in on the prank, they told him he was a few dozen levels below them, so with Johnny searching the lower floors for him in order to protect his car, Ryu caught up with the girls, before everyone was brought together. Told about Doctor Doom, The teams eventually parted and Ryu decided to do some studying on Victor.

Tony then shows him his second pet project for the Owl. A feather Shuriken holster that could put little capsules to turn the feather's into 'trick shurikens', ala, Hawkeyes' trick arrows. With a more strict amount that he could use since they are small, the Avenger's were alerted to an attack on the Fantastic Four.

The battle at the Baxter building was a turning point in his life in this dimension, as his Psionic powers which have steadily been growing since he recovered from the Aurora ray back from his dimension started flaring up more often. Arriving at the Baxter Building, they proceeded to clear the first few floors of Doombots where Ryu caused another brief flare of Psionic energy to improve his strength, before spreading out. Of course, Ryu just had to be the lucky one to encounter Doom. Vainly hoping he could get away, he did shut the door as soon as he realised who was in that room but a Doombot managed to surprise him by grabbing him and bringing him in. A little back and forth and Doom had managed to dig under the Owl's skin and start chipping away at his belief of the team. Telling him he knew how to send him home cemented that.

But no matter how much he wanted to go home, abandoning his friends to death was not on. It almost destroyed him when he arrived in the dimension that the Science ninja team could be dead from him being trapped here and he refused to let that happen again. His psionic force flared up several times in this battle. Palming his ID card, empowering his strength to force the machines arms wide and again causing a brief shaking in the room when he laid injured and enraged, but none of it was enough to beat the genius monarch and he was eventually left to rest against a panel, injuries to an arm and leg making combat inefficient. Obviously the fic would of ended there if Doom had his way. But Wasp and Captain America decided that explosions coming from Ryu's direction was a pretty good alternative to alerting them via ID cards. Then the arrival of Hawkeye, Iron Man, Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman turned the battle over instantly and the added power of the Thing and the Human torch ended Doom's plan pretty effectively.

Ryu was brought back to recover from his injuries and he was a good boy in doing so, taking care to rest a lot and recover his strength. But the laid back owl could only take so much before he got bored. That was when he found out about Bruce and his once a month fishing excursions. A little homesick again, the entire trip was just what he needed to recover, both physically and mentally whilst also becoming closer with the Hulk and Bruce Banner.

Then the greatest battle since Galactus came to earth occurred A new member to the Masters of Evil was briefly introduced, who can create bubbles of energy that reflected attacks back at enemies or were impervious to physical attacks. Ambushing the few Avenger's around New York and timed so Thor was away, the Avenger's were being beaten one by one. Coming back from their fishing trip, The Horned Owl and The Hulk joined the battle. The battle became more even but when Hulk was temporarily negated (i.e, bashed so hard he flew away and couldn't get any purchases to return to battle straight away), the Owl was finding combat harder and harder. Then Hydra joined the battle and Ryu made the biggest mistake of his life. He hesitated in combat, instincts fighting his training he has been doing with Steve Rogers.

It was enough for the abomination to grab him. A dozen strikes, all done while flooded with adrenalin with his fight against the Hulk, Ryu felt half a dozen strikes strong enough to harm the Hulk. The other half dozen weren't felt since he was on the borders of unconsciousness and death. Launched towards Bubbleman (as the reporter calls him in an executive decision), Bubbleman was shocked that the Owl was dead. The Fantastic four and the Hulk rejoining turned the battle around again but it was too late. It was the arrival of Spiderman snapped him out of it, where he dealt with the stress by breaking down completely Bringing Susan Storm over to help, they tried their best to revive the Owl.

Ryu, in the meantime, was trapped in his consciousness, watching his life run before his eyes. Feeling depression hit him hard on top of realising he was dead, he started breaking, before he feels the comforting arms of someone holding him. Although he couldn't turn around, he thought he knew the feminine arms in bird-style holding him tight.

He was wrong. It wasn't Jun. It was another female, one who spoke as if she knew him well. And finally, she told him that he could call her. He just needed to call up her power and she'll save everyone.

His sudden revival brought joy to the worried reserve avenger and fantastic four member, but the words he uttered next sent ripples throughout the marvel-verse. The same words that would cause Galactor to tremble, now brought forth a new power... And this power was eerily familiar to one particular Avenger/X-man who was aiding the fight.

"Kaguku Ninpo... Hinotori!"

And just like that, the Phoenix was reborn. From the destroyed shell of the God Phoenix, her consciousness was jump-started when her Owl's life started to slip. Wielding powerful Psionic energy like the Phoenix Force that inhabits Jean Grey's soul, he almost destroyed Abomination in vengeance before Janet brought him back in control. At least enough to think properly. He then used what power he had left to destroy the Mechas AIM and Hydra brought to the table. Once exhausted though, his mind and body just shut down, leaving him comatose for a while.

Brought to the hospital afterwards, he wasn't responsive. And a brief discussion with Wolverine on what happened occurred.

Then Tony Stark arrives with a Guest. Jean Grey. Her Phoenix Force was drastically weakened but it was still within her. And when Ryu released his Phoenix Force, her's flared up as well. She delved into the Owl's mind, which took some work but his mind was finally working enough for him to awaken mentally. During this time, Jean's Phoenix idly comments on the pair being trapped in their dimension as trivial since she could send them back at any point, but with his psionic powers developing still it was ill-advised by both his Phoenix force and Jean. However, they could still send their consciousnesses into his realm, just to set his mind at peace about what happened after Galactor's ambush.

To Ryu's glee, the team managed to survive, although that quickly turned to sorrow upon seeing how broken they were from his death. The team received a new pilot to take them on missions, A Selena Roma, known as the Kestrel. She took his place in the Gatchaman universe, events shifting and changing on account of his being missing.

Due to the God Phoenix messing around with time in the first fic, time was not synchronised and was infact, accelerated So what was just shy of 2 weeks for Ryu in the Marvel-verse was abut 2 years for the Gatchaman team, enough time for the Gatchaman Fighter series to start. Jean's Phoenix fixed time so it ran normally again and once they were caught up with everything, it was a few episodes into the Gatchaman F series (encase you wanted to know).

Returning their consciousnesses to the Marvel-verse, Jean decided to accept Ryu into the Xaviers Institute for the gifted. A psion with potential to becoming a class 50 threat kinda needed to be trained, especially since he isn't technically a mutant. Some mutants may have some kind of control over their powers, but he wasn't a mutant, so he has to teach himself how to rework his brain into doing what it wants. So he needs training and lots of it.

It was here that Scott showed how similar he was to Ken by being strict, so Ryu, a little annoyed at being snapped at and not being allowed to examine the ship, took a leaf out of Jinpei and Joe's book and started tormenting him.

Which brings us to now. Welcome to the Xavier's Institute for the Gifted, in particular, the Owl and the Phoenix Saga.

Chapter End Notes:

A/N: That was what happened previously in the previous story. A little short, but it's a fairly brief summary of the events of "Owl Assemble". The actual chapters will be at least twice as long.

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