Alternate Reality by Lyssa
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well, what can I say, a review got me looking at this story once again and the writers juices going. I am happy to report that I have completed it and will be posting chapters weekly until it’s finished. I hope you enjoy.
“Three weeks,” Mark spluttered. He’d entered Anderson’s office to inform him of the untenable situation and what he’d uncovered about Sam. To his credit, Tiny had come up with a possible reason for the translocation of individuals across the time/space continuum. He proposed returning to the scene of the crime to reverse the affect. “You are joking, Chief? You want me to take the Phoenix and my team back into the vortex in three weeks in the smallest hope of getting Princess back?”

“I’m afraid I’m very serious,” Anderson replied in a dry tone. Walking over to a board with various notations, he drew Mark’s attention to several squiggles and explained their significance. “I’ve spoken with meteorology, who have analysed the weather patterns surrounding the vortex you encountered. They found an anomaly that appeared at the exact moment Princess took flight and lasted not more than a few milliseconds. It appears that’s when the dimensional transposition occurred, sucking our Swan into another reality and depositing Sam into ours. Right now, our only option is the hope of encountering the same phenomenon again and reversing the situation.”

“I get that,” Mark stated in an icy tone. “What I don’t get is how similar our worlds are. We are both at war, with a specially trained team to defend the Earth as a last effort at victory against overwhelming odds. But how can the people be an almost mirror image when everything else is so different?”

“That,” Anderson explained, “I can’t quantify with science, although there is a theory about choices and possible outcomes, something like a tree of potential parallel universes all existing at the same moment in time. It is possible that the Swan’s from two of these alternative realities simply swapped places when this anomaly occurred.”

“So this is how we get Princess back,” Mark demanded, his tone savage at the loss of his teammate and friend.

In truth, Sam made him feel emotions he preferred to lock in the recesses of his mind. With the woman around, her green eyes accusing him constantly for not being the man she wanted and needed, The Commander of G-force felt he should have made the effort to let Princess know of his affections. If only they could have spoken about the end of the war, about the possibilities for them at that impossible date then she’d know his inner turmoil; that he’d never stop until they found her and brought their Swan home. Now he might never have the opportunity and it increased the guilt consuming his heart.

“Yes,” Anderson answered in a calm voice, noticing the young commander struggle with his feelings. “It is imperative we return Sam to her own universe and restore balance. The expert’s tell me the same set of conditions will occur in approximately twenty days with the best opportunity to reunite our worlds so the exchange can be made. Until then you will just have to utilise the unique skill set Sam presents.”

“You expect me to put up with that woman for three weeks,” astounded, Mark turned on Anderson to hide his emotions lurking so close the surface. “Might I remind you,” he almost spat, “not only does Sam believe she is married to a man who resembles me, but expecting a child in about seven and a half months. Doctor Grayson confirmed the pregnancy with a test not half an hour ago. I will not take a woman I don’t know or trust into battle, let alone one who’s going to have a baby.”

“If you don’t mind,” Sam grunted with effort as she barged into the secure room, “it appears your Princess and I hold the same set of unique skills.” With a wave of her hand, she demonstrated her work. In her grasp, a small device this world’s counterpart would have used to break into any of Spectra bases. She’d needed it to break out of Medical and find her way here without detection. “I don’t think you can take to the sky without me. Besides, my husband and I had always planned to continue with our defence of Earth, no matter what our personal situation. I can only hope the effort will allow our son or daughter to live in a world free of Sparta’s domination.”

“Commander,” Anderson smirked as he walked to the seat behind his desk, “you have your orders. Please show Princess to her quarters. You, young lady, have a lot to catch up on if you’re going to take Princess’s place until we can return you to your own world. I expect a certain level of professionalism in this team and I hardly need to remind you that your husband is in another reality.”

“Yes, Anderson,” Sam saluted.

Sighing, Mark demonstrated how they did it in G-force. “Come on, I’ll give you a tour. Just let me know which areas of Centre Neptune are familiar to you.”

Snorting, Sam glared at Mark. “Centre Neptune is a decoy. Sparta found it early in the war and destroyed it. Our base is called Coral Crescent.”

“Princess,” Anderson rebuked in a quiet voice.

“It’s Sam,” she returned.

“Not in this universe, young lady. Learn to respond to Princess. By the way,” he waited until he had her complete attention, “I’m addressed as Chief. You are dismissed.”

“Is he always so cranky,” Sam asked, walking beside Mark as the pair exited Anderson’s office.

“No,” he stated shortly.

“Are you always so cranky,” she continued in the same droll tone.

“No,” Mark glared at the woman.

“You know, I like you much better in my reality. My Mark is warm and soft and cuddly. He actually shows the emotion he feels. It’s no wonder you and Princess haven’t gotten together in this world,” Sam threw the last part of the sentence over her shoulder as sprinted down the corridor, determined to find her quarters without help.

Cursing under his breath, Mark let her go. Shaking his head he realised something. Sam’s Mark and he were probably exactly the same in personality, after all they followed a similar career path. Only circumstance and cultural differences lead them in different directions where their personal lives were concerned.

“You,” Mark watched the woman running from his presence, “have the luxury of not working together. Princess is my subordinate and anything I feel for her will just have to wait until this infernal war ends.”
Chapter End Notes:
Well, I hope you enjoyed.
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