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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own Gatchaman. If I did, I would change nothing.
It was a quiet area, a lush and green forest surrounding a bench. The sounds of birds and a running river echoed throughout, giving it a peaceful, almost serene atmosphere. Sitting on the bench was two women, both coated in fire yet not in any sort of pain. Both were ignoring the fire, almost as if it was a part of them. One was dressed in a red and blue suit with a cape whilst the other was in a yellow and green outfit. Once they were settled, one of the women broke the silence with her words.

"So, the short version of my story? I can do that, there should be enough time anyway. Well, it all started about, 20 years ago I believe" began the red and blue figure, the fire coating her taking the form of a phoenix now and then. "Well, at least in my dimension. I have existed since the dawn of time there, watching over everything and the earth, checking to make sure the solar system was relatively safe. The future was bright, technology always advancing. Humans were such interesting creatures, their life force is so attractive, but the wars they have is a big negative. I would love to be able to show them what to do, but I feared that they would use the information to create more war. Still, I was dedicated to watching this system and I did it with a vigilant eye. The future was worth it. They would expand to space and bring peace to the universe" She gave a reminiscent look, a smile on her face as the other figure nods her head.

"Anyways, about 20 years ago I sensed an alien being approaching my system. Now, usually alien beings avoid my system, simply because they view it as too young to visit, but this being wanted something, I think. Anyways, he entered the system and I could already feel how dangerous it was. Normally, I wouldn't have any trouble with an alien being entering my system, but somehow this thing managed to avoid my presence. By the time it entered the earth I had lost it." She gave a troubled look at that, shaking her head at the one that got away. The other figure places her hand on her shoulder and she gave a grateful look back.

"I was concerned about what it wanted, so I used a large part of my power to look into the time stream and watched the earth's potential future as it was. I saw the earth being destroyed by this being's reckless desire to harvest the world's resources. I couldn't allow that to happen so I spent time delving into each time stream to find the correct course of action." She paused as the other figure asked a question at that.

"Yes, I know such manipulations of the time stream could be dangerous, but it had to be done. I couldn't let humans be wiped out just for the sake of one alien being's greed. Anyways, I delved into the time stream and eventually I found a solution. Some human children would be born soon and their fates weren't set in stone yet. I made the decision to give them a fate, to stop this alien being. I know, changing someone's fate is a dangerous thing to do, but since these weren't set in stone it was relatively safer compared to changing someone's actual fate. I planted in all three a small part of my essence, giving me a link to them which I can use in the future to help empower them. The direction and logic into one boy who I will form as the Eagle, the emotion and reaction in another boy to temper the first one's logic, taking the form of a Condor and then the heart and soul in the girl who becomes the Swan. These three children would serve to take down this alien being and save the world and for a while I was proud."

"Then I found out what the alien being was doing. He had created an organisation, something to conquer the world so it could harvest what it wanted with no trouble. Disaster occurred and the Condor. Well, his parents worked for the organisation and were trying to leave into the care of the ISO. They, oh, you want to know what the ISO stands for?" Another question from the figure, but she was explaining her story and some things needed a bit more explaining than others.

"It stands for the International Science Organisation. Amazing right? The world has come together to further science and as such, has brought peace to most of the world with their advances in technology. Anyway, the organisation killed the Condor's parents but luckily an agent from the ISO managed to save him in time. He had trouble dealing with their deaths for a while, so one of the Doctors of the ISO, a Nambu took him in. A great man this doctor and someone I didn't heed to alter fate for since he was already working with it. He already had the Eagle under his care, so I decided to use him to form the group. I gave him the idea of training the children to eventually take out the organisation."

"I planted the idea of the Swan into his mind and he brought her back. What I didn't expect, was her to bring asmall child into the group. That shocked me and I was hesitant about what to do. Human kind had surprised me, yet again. She couldn't leave the child alone and she adopted him as her little brother. She clicked instantly with the team and the boys seemed to enjoy having a younger sibling to look after. I, admit I peeked into the time stream again to see what he would bring, but I believe Fate was working with me in that aspect." She looked thankful, eyes shining with delight.

"The child would bring innocence and fun to the group, helping them to get through the tough and hard times in their future. I thought about him being the Kestrel, but the doctor already had him in his plans for the team as the Swallow and yes, there was a reason I wanted to use birds for their aspects, but since then I've kind of just gotten used to the idea that I didn't change it. Anyway, I couldn't have everything in the world and fate did lend me a hand in this, so I let Nambu keep him as the Swallow." She paused here for a moment.

"The only thing now, was that the way to beat the organisation was mainly through a warship. He called it the God Phoenix. Not sure if he knew that I was meddling, but I did kinda like it. Still, that would require someone else to join. The others were needed to fight, well, except the Swallow but he wouldn't have the capabilities to fly such a thing, so I had to explore the world to find someone who would fit the mark. Someone else their age that could fit in." She swished her hand through the air in front of her, the flames lingering in place before taking on the appearance of the God Phoenix warship. "It will take a special person to fly my physical shell..."
Chapter End Notes:
A/N: My first fanfiction is being ported over here. The other 3 chapters should be following this one any moment soon.

But as a note. This is the start of my AU. I'll fully admit that Madilayn's Phoenix fanfic is what got me to write my own. This is a crossover story and if you happen to see it on, yeah, that's me there too and yes, I've gotten way ahead on that site. I kinda forgot to post it here. So yeah, enjoy the first chapter of the fic.
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