Out of Hand by Chris White
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Summary: A tongue-in-cheek story of how avoiding hurting someone can really, seriously get out of hand. 
Rated: 13+
Categories: Gatchaman
Characters: Jinpei, Joe Asakura, Jun, Ken Washio, Ryu Nakanishi
Genre: Angst, Character Study, Humor/Comedy, Slash
Story Warnings: Adult Situations, Mature Content, Mild Sexual References, Slash, Strong Language, Yaoi
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Alternate Universe
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No
Word count: 3265 Read: 2631
Published: 07/11/2012 Updated: 07/14/2012
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I just like to play with them.

The slash/yaoi in this piece isn't explicit, but it's definitely there.

If you feel that I've missed a proper rating somewhere, or chose the wrong age rating, let me know. 

1. Out of Hand by Chris White [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3265 words)