A Father's Day by jublke
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Summary: Even Chief Anderson needs a hug now and then.  (Warning: sappiness ahead)
Rated: Everyone
Categories: Battle of the Planets
Characters: Chief Anderson, Jason, Keyop, Mark, Princess, Tiny Harper
Genre: Vignette
Story Warnings: None
Timeframe: Prequel
Universe: Mostly Canon
Challenges: None
Series: Feathered Hearts
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 422 Read: 3143
Published: 05/14/2012 Updated: 05/14/2012
Story Notes:

I would like to thank my friends over at Gatchamania for inspiring this one - I wrote it in response to a prompt there and liked it enough to tweak it and post it here.

Battle of the Planets is owned by Sandy Frank by way of Tatsunoko.  I own none of this. 

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