A Condor and a Mouse by Becky Rock
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Jason looked at Security Chief Anderson as if he’s grown a second head.


     “You have got to be kidding,” he said lowly, his eyes locked on the Chief. “This is a joke, right?”


     “No,” the Chief said in a long suffering voice, “this is not a joke.”


     “Are you insane?”


     “Jason!” Mark barked, looking at his second in horror.


     “Somebody’s got to say it!” Jason snapped back.


     “It wasn’t my decision,” the Chief said in resignation, plopping down into his chair as if he were a rag doll.


     “Then whose was it?” Jason demanded and he got another warning look from Mark.


     “President Kane’s.” The Chief removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose.


     “It’ll be cool!” Keyop chortled, bouncing on his seat.


     “Oh yeah, real cool. Why don’t we just put up a spot light with the cat insignia saying ’Zoltar, come on down! We stupid humans have all gathered in one place for you for easier destruction!” Jason folded his arms over his chest and fumed.


     “Jason, every security precaution will be taken,” the Chief replaced his glasses and visibly tried to take a firmer stance.


     “How? You’re going to have five hundred officers and their families cavorting through Disney World!”


     “I think Keyop’s right,” Tiny said brightly, earning a glare of his own. “It’ll be fun.”


     “We’re going to risk our officers’ families and all those tourists just so President Kane can take his grandkids to see a giant mouse on the ISO’s dole?”


     “Jason, that’s enough,” Mark snapped, his eyes blazing. Jason threw his hands up into the air.


     “You can’t tell me you agree with this!”


     “It doesn’t matter if I agree,” Mark told him. “President Kane is in charge and we do what he says.”


     “And I’m sure the American tax payer would be thrilled to know how their hard earned tax dollars are spent. We’ll be plastered all over every news and commentary show. ’ISO spends a week with a mouse.’”


     “Hey! Mickey Mouse is great!” Keyop gave Jason his own version of a glare.


     “He’s a giant rodent,” Jason retorted.


     “It’s un-American not to like Mickey Mouse!” Keyop stormed in indignation.


     “I’m not an American,” Jason snarled back.


     “Oh, for goodness sake,” princess cut in between them, giving them both an exasperated look. “We’re going to Disney World. Deal with it.”


     Jason growled and turned away, heading for the door.


     “Don’t blame me when Zoltar nukes Orlando.”

  3 Days Into the Conference 

     “I told you.” Jason stormed across the bridge of the Phoenix from his station to Mark’s side. “I told you but would anyone listen to me? Noooooo. Jason’s just being a jerk.” He turned to glare at Keyop.


     “I can’t believe it,” Tiny lamented sadly. “Zoltar bombed the Epcot Ball.”


     Jason humped and watched with the others as the Epcot Geodome rolled across the parking lot of Epcot Center, crushing the few cars left.


     “At least Zoltar waited until we could evacuate the park,” Princess said.


     “I thought the Chief was going to have a heart attack when President Kane refused to get out of line to the Spaceship Earth ride.” Mark winced as the dome rolled over the parking entrance kiosks and several Disney transportation buses parked just outside the kiosks for the night. It continued down Buena Vista Parkway as if trying to escape.


     “That would have been karma,” Jason retorted. “President Kane stuck on the ride inside the dome as it broke free and started rolling.”


     “What are we going to do?” Tiny asked. “It’s headed for Kissimmee.” He glanced over his shoulder at Jason. Jason pointed at Mark.


     “Don’t look at me. He’s the giant bowling ball expert.”


     “Enough!” Now Mark reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “I can’t believe I’m going to say this.” He turned to Jason. “Blow it up before it kills someone.”


     Jason’s look brightened and he motioned at Tiny. “Line us up.”


     “You can’t!” Keyop wailed, jumping out of his seat. “That’s like shooting Mickey Mouse!”


     Jason chuckled at the thought as pressed the Big Red Button. He smiled gleefully as the missile hit the dome and it exploded, showering the road and nearby grounds with thousands of triangular shaped reflective mirrors, framing and ride cars.

      “Now can we go home?” Jason asked, dodging the bola Keyop threw at him.
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