'Battle of the Planets' Production Order by UnpublishedWriter
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Story Notes:
Production order number; BotP title; Gatchaman title.
1. Attack of the Space Terrapin (Turtle King)

2. Siege of the Squids (Little Gatchamans)

3. Decoys of Doom (Snow Demon King Blizzarder)

4. Mad New Ruler of Spectra (Who is Leader X?)

5. Peril of the Preying Mantis (Jumbo Shakora, the Ocean Devil King)

6. Giant From Planet Zyr (Hell’s Mecha-Buddha)

7. The Thing With 1000 Eyes (The Fearsome Jellyfish Lens)

8. Fastest Gun in the Galaxy (The Evil White Sea)

9. Panic of the Peacock (Come Back! Boomerang)

10. Raid of the Space Octopus (Mortal Blow! Gatchaman Fire)

11. Space Rock Concert (Murder Music)

12. Mammoth Shark Menace (The Daring Mini-Submarine)

13. The Fiery Lava Giant (The Magma Giant, Emperor of Hell)

14. Race Against Disaster (Galactor’s Witch Racer)

15. A Whale Joins G-Force (Revenge! The Whale Operation.)

16. Rescue of the Astronauts (Monstrous Aircraft Carrier Appears)

17. Big Robot Gold Grab (The Great Mini Robot Operation)

18. Musical Mummy (The Neon Giant That Smiles in the Dark)

19. Attack of the Alien Wasp (The Phantom Red Impulse)

20. The Space Safari (Pursue Katse!)

21. Raid on a Nearby Planet (The Camera Iron Beast, Shutterkiller)

22. The Ghostly Grasshopper (Kamisoral, the Guillotine Iron Beast)

23. Space Rocket Escort (The Mysterious Red Impulse)

24. Museum of Mystery (The Secret of the Birdstyles)

25. Silent City (The Particle Iron Beast Micro-Saturn)

26. Microfilm Mystery (The Indestructible Machine Mechanika)

27. Mission to Inner Space (A Deadly Ring of Fire!)

28. A Swarm of Robot Ants (The Great Underground Monster War)

29. Cupid Does It to Keyop (Patogiller, the Triple Combined Iron Beast)

30. Raid of the Red Scorpion (Gatchaman Burns With Rage)

31. Spectra Space Spider (Smog Fiber, the Spiderweb Iron Beast!)

32. Beast With a Sweet Tooth (The Gluttonous Monster Ibukron)

33. Raid on Riga (Galactor’s Challenge)

34. Prisoners in Space (The Great Breakout Trick Operation)

35. Capture of the Galaxy Code (The Devil’s Airline)

36. Orion, Wonder Dog of Space (Renzilla, the Electric Beast)

37. Secret Island (Secret of the Monster Mecha Factory)

38. The Jupiter Moon Menace (The Devil From the Moon)

39. Seals of Sytron (The Sea Lion Ninja Team in the Night Fog)

40. Ghost Ship of Planet Mir (The Ghost Fleet From Hell)

41. The Alien Bigfoot (The Invincible Leader X)

42. Super Space Spies (Galactor’s Monopoly Operation)

43. Vacation on Venus (Storm Galactor’s Headquarters!)

44. Keyop Does it All (The Fearsome Mechadokuga)

45. Demons of the Desert (Burn, Desert Fires)

46. The Space Serpent (Revenge on the Iron Beast Mechadegon)

47. Rockets Out of Control (Leona 3, the Spaceship With No Tomorrow)

48. The Space Mummy (Giant Mummy that Summons Storms)

49. The Sea Dragon (The Firebird vs. the Fire-Breathing Dragon)

50. Perilous Pleasure Cruise (The Fearsome Ice-Kander)

51. G-Force in the Future (Gatchaman, 20 Years Later)

52. The Awesome Armadillo (Matangar, the Armored Iron Beast)

53. Tentacles From Space (Iron Beast Snake 828)

54. Ace From Outer Space (Galactor’s Giant Air Show)

55. Giant Space Bat (Science Ninja Team, Number G-6)

56. The Great Brain Robbery (Super Bem, the Synthetic Iron Beast)

57. Giant Gila Monster (Gatchaman in the Valley of Death)

58. The Duplicate King (The Successful Berg Katse)

59. Curse of the Cuttlefish, Pt 1 (The Grand Gezora Operation, Part 1)

60. Curse of the Cuttlefish, Pt 2 (The Grand Gezora Operation, Part 2)

61. Peril in the Pyramids (The Cemetery in the Moonlight)

62. Save the Space Colony (Counterattack! The Underground Torpedo Operation)

63. Zoltar Strikes Out (Massacre of the Mecha Curve Ball)

64. Magnetic Attraction (The Mecha-Ball Runs Wild)

65. Peaks of Planet Odin (Cataroller, the Revolving Beast)

66. G-Force Defector (Grape Bomber, the Spherical Iron Beast)

67. Invasion of the Locusts (Swarm! A Plague of Mini Iron Beasts)

68. Victims of the Hawk (A Romance Destroyed by Evil)

69. Island of Fear (Lay a Trap in the Crescent Base!)

70. Strike at Spectra (The Wounded G-2)

71. The Galaxy Girls (The Plot to Assassinate Dr. Nambu)

72. The Conway Tape Tap (The Sniper Group Heavy Cobra)

73. The Awesome Ray Force (The Bracelets Exposed)

74. Fearful Sea Anemone (Secret of the Crescent Coral Base)

75. The Alien Beetles (The Grand Insect Operation)

76. Defector to Spectra (The Stolen Gatchaman Information)

77. The Bat Ray Bombers (The God Phoenix Reborn)

78. Rage of the Robotoids (Death Girls Unite)

79. The Sky is Falling! Pt. 1 (Red Impulse’s Secret)

80. The Sky is Falling! Pt. 2 (Farewell Red Impulse)

81. The Fierce Flowers, Pt. 1 (Jigokillers, the People-Eating Flowers)

82. The Fierce Flowers, Pt. 2 (Jigokillers, the People-Eating Flowers)

83. Charioteers of Changu (The Combined Ninjas, Giant Demon Man)

84. Invasion of Space Center, Pt. 1 (Completion of the Plan to Destroy the Crescent Base)

85. Invasion of Space Center, Pt. 2 (The End of the Crescent Base)
~ Table of Contents ~
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