Just Asserting Himself by Madilayn
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Story Notes:
Gatchaman is owned by Tatsunoko.  I only play with the birdies for fun.

“Joe you have to do something about your dog.”

Joe cuddled his pet defensively.  “Nothing wrong with GT.  He’s just asserting himself.”

“Yeah, well if he keeps asserting himself, Hakase will make you get rid of him.  He’s chewed the cords of Jinpei’s bolas and Jun still can’t find her yoyo.  All your training has done is make GT as anti-social as you.”    Ken handed Joe a piece of paper.  “Hakase’s orders.  And if you need a reason..” 

Ken then handed Joe his cable gun, the large crescent at the end hanging limply from a well chewed cable.  Joe looked at the gun sadly.  "I don't even want to know where you got those marks."

Joe sighed and looked at the paper, first wrestling it from the puppy.  “Looks like we both go to Puppy Pre-School, GT.”

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