Scratches by Amethyst
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Story Notes:
A response to Madilayn's drabble challenge at
Author's Chapter Notes:
A response to Madilayn's drabble challenge at
Mark hated this part of a mission: returning to base and dragging an injured Jason to Medical. Marching him there was bad enough, but to force him out of transmute, block his exit, and protect the medical staff at the same time was too much for one person.

Today was different. Jason’s resistance was minimal. He barely struggled while his communicator was removed, didn’t try to leave, and shrugged off his t-shirt waited without argument.

“Where did you . . .” Mark started when he saw long scratches across Jason’s shoulders and back. “Never mind. I'm not even sure I want to ask where you got those marks,” he finished as he saw the new intern walk in, her long fingernails painted dark red.
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