Flight by Madilayn
Summary: The team revels in their ability to fly.
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Flight by Madilayn

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It’s moments like this when I can really understand the joy that birds feel at flying, because I can feel it too, and I know that the joy I feel is mirrored in the faces of my team mates.

This type of lazy flight is all too rare now – usually our flights are hasty, hurried dashes to save ourselves.

Today, however, is special. Today is what they laughingly call a "training flight".

I let my wings spread as wide as possible and can hear myself laugh as I catch an updraft, then spiral dizzyingly down again. We’re playing some sort of insane "follow my leader" game, laughing and playing in the air. Every so often, you can hear a cry of pure joy burst from one of us, and the others echo it.

All too soon, it comes to an end, and we lazily spiral down, joining the rest of the earthbound, our bodies heavy again, feet firmly on the ground. Regret for the lost freedom of flight shows on all of our faces, and I know we are all longing for the next time we soar free.

That’s the real reason we do it.

Because we can fly.

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