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Reviewer: Dei Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 10/27/2007 10:37 AM Title: Vitalumous Hexen Run

I do enjoy a story in which G-Force has a job to do and gets it done and this is a very decent example of their raison d'etre. It balances well the need to explain the background to the mission and the need to actually tell a story and succeeds in selling us on the necessity of the relief mission as well as why G-Force has to escort them.

In terms of realisation too, I love it when the adversaries have a good plan: the ants were inventive, economical, effective and low-risk. If only they'd been able to resist booby-trapping the warehouse...(it bothers me a bit that I'm not clear on why that had to happen). I love too how G-Force successfully turns the tables on them -- sound thinking *and* firepower, brilliant.

Pacing-wise, I liked the drama and sense of peril you managed to evoke in this story. Events unfolded logically and without having to make anyone an idiot to not spot the causes earlier. At some of the more dramatic moments, I could have done with a bit more visual detail to really make those moments stand out, but other than that, the story was appropriately told.

The only thing that I was really less than keen on was that the use of the Team felt unbalanced. There are at least two people on G-Force with good technical ability (and canonically {but I'm not fussing} it's Jason who hast the paramedical training), but in this story all of it falls on Princess's head. She's doing all the medical treatment, fixing what's broken, investigating the ants, etc while Jason glares at the intermittently-working radar and Keyop clowns around. Having Mark distribute the workload more evenly would first, balance out what needed doing more plausibly and strengthen their chracters, second, strengthen him as a leader and third, take away that disturbing parallel with the opening line, which makes it sound as if being partial to Princess is one of the most important things in his life -- not good from a professional point of view.

All that notwithstanding, this is a good story and I could do with more adventures. :)

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