Thaddeus Keane
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Updated: 12/16/2007 - Published: 12/16/2007
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A foster father's reflections.

Categories: Eagle Riders, G-Force: GOS, Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets
Series: None
Chapters: 1 - Table of Contents
Characters: Chief Anderson, Dr. Brighthead, Dr. Kozaburou Nambu, Thaddeus Keane
Genre: Angst, Poetry
Story Warnings: None
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Mostly Canon
Word count: 79 - Read Count: 3760 - Completed: Yes
Updated: 08/07/2008 - Published: 08/07/2008
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- Multiverse by Margo Ryor - Rated: 13+ - - [Reviews - 0]
Table of Contents
Updated: 05/19/2007 - Published: 05/19/2007
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Joe discovers that he and Kelly make a good team; but not good enough.


Joe snorted, seemingly nonplussed by the Hawk’s enraged tone. “And here I thought we were a ‘team’.”

“A team whose unity you undermine every time you are with us!” Hunter spat. “I’m sick of turning around to find that you’ve gone off on some other secret mission that not even Dr. Keane knows about! I’ve had it with your tendency to ignore my orders whenever it suits you! I’m not going to stand for your insolent attitude anymore!”

Joe’s fist drew back.

“Going to hit me, are you?” Hunter smirked. “Isn’t that what you usually do, when you don’t agree with me, Joe? You punch me in the gut and then go on with whatever you wanted to do anyway.”

Categories: Eagle Riders
Series: None
Chapters: 9 - Table of Contents
Characters: Goon, Hunter Harris, Joe Thax, Kelly Jennar, Mallanox, Mickey Dugan, Ollie Keeawani, Original Character, Thaddeus Keane, Ultra Eagle
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Character Study, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Story Warnings: Adult Situations, Blood, Guts & Gore, Graphic Violence, Mild Adult Situations, Mild Language, Mild Sexual References, Mild Violence, Strong Language, Violence
Timeframe: Mid-Series
Universe: Canon
Word count: 13234 - Read Count: 31959 - Completed: Yes
Updated: 03/05/2008 - Published: 03/05/2008
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