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What to put here?

I originally discovered BoTP in Nov. 1979. I wasn't quite 15 years old yet. (If you do the math you can guess how old I am.) I remember thinking it was really neat but I thought it was silly that the fate of the Universe rested solely on the shoulders of one team of 5 people. By the time I had seen three episodes I had started my own team, a sister team to cover for G-Force when they were away. Much of those early ideas have changed over the years but bits and pieces still remain.

I am probably my own worst critic. I don't think I am ever really happy with anything I write.

I'm single and content to stay that way (most of the time) and I am something of a cat person. (as if you couldn't guess.) The more I know people the more I like my cat.

I enjoy reading and get a kick out of well constructed fan-fic. I've been known to do the occassional beta. I am not strong on grammar though. I tend to look at the over all story, looking for inconsistencies and logic flaws. I don't like violence or sex just for the sake of it. It needs to advance the story.

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

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