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My first exposure to Gatch was thru Turners G-Force: Guardians of Space on the then-nascent Cartoon network in 1993. I had to hustle on the walk home from junior high to get home before it started! But I managed to record all but four of the eps and recently transferred them to disc on my DVD recorder/player.

I did not find out more until I rented Final Fantasy #? and it had a commericial for the OAVs on it. (Ever type "G-Force" in a search engine? Nuff said.)

Now I have addicted -ahem, introduced my son and daughter to Gatch in all its glorious forms. My dad thinks the whole thing is silly (altho he does think Zark is worse than R2-D2) but he indulges me.

I am a work-at-home mom currently (*, so I have time to beta. I do not really care much about fanfic being canon, but I am a real stickler for proper spelling, punctuation, etc. I am the beta to call if your spellcheck is on the fritz or you dropped the dictionary in the sink. ;)

I also like Mythbusters, Yu-gi-oh, Sky Surfers, history (any kind), anime, manga, sci-fi, fantasy, and am, in short, an incurable bookworm. I also moderate over at the Darwin Awards.** (

*Shameless plug.

**Shameless plug again!

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Challenges by Candi Gomez

A canon character gets transported to another world/universe/dimension.

The universe can be an original one or one that already exists, from any realm of fiction. That includes worlds where magic exists.

If the character who is transported is a team member, their transformation does not have to work, provided that there is a reason other than that they are not on their homeworld.

The common mistake of a good guy thinking another good guy is a bad guy and having a fight must not appear.

The character must be headed or at home by the last paragraph.

It cannot be just a dream.

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