Revealed by Candi Gomez
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Story Notes:
Sequel to Inheritance.
Author's Chapter Notes:
For those who haven't seen GoS, Brighthead has a really annoying habit of stating the obvious and taking forever to get to the flipping point, already. 

Jojo’s the infamous seal.

REVEALED by Candi Gomez


"Why did you call us, Doctor?" Ace asked.

Peewee griped, "I was visiting Jojo!"

"Some news of rather great importance has come to my attention. Overall, it will affect Ace and the Institute most directly, but all of you should hear it." Startled gasps emerged from everyone in the room. "Four days ago, I received a visit from a lawyer representing the Wilson Corporation. His name was Hansen Snowbers, and he gave me some information that I have since confirmed independently."

"Wilson Corp.? You mean the company that owns at least a sample of every industry that exists?" Aggie asked.

"The one whose owner and ex-CEO died recently?" Dirk added.

"The same," answered Brighthead.

Dirk shook his head. "It's too bad. Wilson's racers are some of my toughest competition. But what's this got to do with us?"

"Mr. Wilson had one child, a son. That son married and the couple had one daughter. The mother died in childbirth and the father a year later. Wilson assumed custody of his granddaughter."

"Of course," growled Dirk.

"Wilson had a secretary, Marissa Pureheart," the doctor continued.

Ace's ears pricked. "Pureheart? That name sounds familiar."

Brighthead nodded. "Ms. Pureheart had a 'one-night stand,' as Mr. Snowbers put it, and had given birth to fraternal twin girls. They were only four months older than Wilson's grandaughter. When Ms. Pureheart died in a car wreck, her children were only four years old. Mr. Wilson adopted them. They are not, I repeat, not related to him."

"Great, Doc," Dirk snarled, "but what's that got to do with Ace?"

"Since Mr. Wilson's death, the lawyers at Wilson's Corp have been looking for a guardian for the three girls. They started off by looking for a relative of the twins. At least a temporary guardian is needed-"

"So Galactor doesn't snatch the fortune, right?" Peewee interrupted, bouncing off the couch in his enthusiasm. Brighthead gave a stern glare and an acknowledging nod. "Correct."

Hootie scratched his head. "And how old are the kids now?"

"They are all eleven. Emily is the eldest, her twin Kasey being younger by four hours. Mary is the youngest. They'll need a legal guardian and someone to control -manage- their fortune for them until they come of legal age. Galactor in particular must not be allowed to seize Wilson Corp., for then he will have all he needs to conquer the earth.

"As Wilson Corp. is also one of the Institute's and G-Force's main sponsors, this matter is of great importance."

"But WHAT does this have to do with ME!?" snapped Ace.

"Marissa's mother had an older sister. That sister had a son. That son was your father, Ace. The twins are your second cousins. As the closest blood relative to the twins, you can legally gain guardianship of all them and Mary and temporary ownership of Wilson Corp."

The next few minutes passed in a series of loud verbal explosions. When things had calmed down (somewhat)...

"But Doc, our jobs with G-Force require a low profile," Dirk protested. "Ace's inheriting a fortune isn't exactly keeping his head down."

"We'll work something out," Dr. Brighthead said firmly. "But Galactor must not seize Wilson Corporation!" His tone and expression brooked no argument.

"Well, at least Ace ‘ill be able to pay his tab," Pewee snickered.



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