Psst by Maya Perez
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By Maya Perez

Psst! Hey, you. Yeah, you man. Come here! Yeah, come on. Don't be shy, man.

I've been watching you. And I think you've got what it takes. What it takes for what, man? Why a new career change, that's what. And what a career!

Come here.

I've got a proposition for ya, my friend. One that you're not gonna get anywhere else. No, I'm not pulling nothin'. I'm talking of getting you women, money, power, man. And you get all this only for doing stuff that you already enjoy doing. It doesn't get any better than that, right?

Hey! What? You don't believe me? Check out my shoes, my watch. Don't I look well off to you, man? Feel this material and I dare ya to tell me it's a cheap feel. Come on! I tell you, the day someone like me came and talked to me changed my life! And now I'm here to do the same for you. I swear my future has never been brighter.

The group I work for, they admire my skills. And they'll love yours too. You'll get respect, just like me, man. Bet you don't get any now. Isn't that so? The hombres back home never gave me any respect. All I ever got was hassled, man. Heck, all I ever heard there was 'Juan, you'll never amount to anything. Juan, you bum. You're going to drive your mother to an early grave.' I can see from the look on your face that you know exactly what I'm talking about. What the hell do they know? Look at me now! None of them say those things about me anymore. It can be the same for you, man.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Hah! Too good for them, I say. 'Cause this is the deal, the real thing. And you've made the list. We wouldn't approach just anybody, man. And you passed all the tests with flying colors.

You know your friend Guido, the idiot who got caught last week? We won't be asking him to join us. But you, with the way you pulled that heist last night? That was sweet! We want people like you.

What? How'd I know about that, man? Heck, the organization knows everything. Everything. And we definitely know that you're our kind of people. So to show you how serious we are, if you sign up right now -- and who in their right mind wouldn't -- I'll give you ten grand. Yeah, you heard right - cash, moolah, the green stuff. You can spend it however you want before you even have to show up for transport. That's how much confidence we've got in you, man. Ten grand and no strings! It doesn't get much better than that, does it? Sure give a man one hell of a good bye party.

So here, take it, man! And don't forget there's more where that came from. Galactor has plans, and they'll take you with them all the way, man. No doubt about it. A smart guy like you shouldn't have any trouble rising through the ranks at all. Just sign this paper right here. See, the contract is short and sweet, not even in that stupid lawyer talk. Anybody can understand it. And everything that Galactor does is that easy and upfront.

Yeah, way to go! So go now, enjoy your ten grand and I'll look you back up in a couple of days. How will I find you, man? I told you already, the organization knows everything. I'll know where to find you.

You've made the right decision. You'll love it! It's the life. I've never regretted it and neither will you.

I'll be seeing you!

The End

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