Love on the Godphoenix by KT1972
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Love on the Godphoenix

I do not own the characters in this story, although I wish I did!

As M.O. of the Science Ninja Team, she was in a position of being able to overrule Ken when he said his injuries didn’t require treatment. Now he was sat in the Medical bay, on the edge of the gurney, their helmet and wings removed, as she gave the gash on the side of his face her closest attention.
As she worked, he watched her closely, wondering if she was aware of the effect being this close to her was having on him. The way her gloved fingers brushed his skin, every touch was like torture. He doubted it, but it didn’t stop him wishing that the softness of her touch around his skin was on another part of his anatomy. He grinned at the thought, and then at once admonished himself. He was her commanding officer, he shouldn’t be thinking like this of the third in rank.
“There you go, all done,” she finally stood back, “Seems you’ll live to fight another day.”
“Thank you,” he took in her smile, her emerald green eyes, set into ivory skin framed with contrasting ebony hair. “And I have to apologise to you.”
“What for?” a frown suddenly marred those beautiful features,
“This....” he couldn’t resist any longer and pulled her against him. Before she could object he pressed his lips against hers, tasting what he had denied himself for so long, confident enough that she reciprocated those feelings she aroused in him. He was rewarded with her arms folding around his neck as she responded with fervour to match his own.
This was a wrong as it was possible to be, relationships among officers and their subordinates was a court martial offence, and this broke every rule in the book. But he was human, with all the emotions a normal young male adult was supposed to have. What were the ‘powers that be’ thinking of, sticking a token female among them, and then say don’t act on the inevitable rush of hormones you’ll undoubtedly feel as you reach maturity.

Well that hormone rush had been held in check for too long, he had gone past the point of no return, and if he was understanding the signals correctly, he wasn’t alone in the way he felt right now. She pulled away from him, her breathing laboured, not sure how to proceed. He cupped her face, lifting it so he could gaze into those green eyes, her ruby lips parted as an invitation to continue. He wasn’t wasting any more time, pressing his mouth over hers for a deeper kiss, he wrapped an arm around her waist, holding her close against him so she could be in no doubt to the effect she had on him. Firm breasts pressed against his muscular chest; for once he was cursing his birdstyle for being so close fitting as to feel every curve and crease of skin underneath.
He easily lifted her slim frame onto the gurney with him, softly laying her down, himself positioned alongside, as he continued exploring every inch of what should be forbidden to him. Hungry mouth running down slender neck, curious hands examining round breasts, fingers teasing pert nipples. Gradually moving southwards, his tongue now suckling those taught buds, while roaming hands found shapely legs, tough leather boots yielding soft thighs, a gasp escaped from her as he brushed the tender button that marked the opening of the woman he was hoping to discover.

He pulled away. Understanding that she wouldn’t have done anything like this before, he didn’t want to put her in a position she would be sorry for later.
“Are you ok, Jun?” he watched her face intently. He wanted her badly, but he didn’t want to feel he’d put any pressure on her, if this was going to happen he hoped she was with him every step of the way, he had to give her the opportunity to back out if that’s what she wanted.
She didn’t speak, but nodded mutely, weaving her hands through his shoulder length chestnut hair, she pulled his face to hers, initiating another deep kiss. This is what he had hoped for, his fingers continued their exploration of her, feeling through her flimsy panty fabric for the spot that had thrilled her so, focusing on the pleasure it brought her, until the straining muscle in his suit became unbearably tight. His free hand released the belt and liberated the organ inside. Relief was only temporary; he took his birdrang and cut the seams of her pants, removing the final barrier between him and the ultimate goal. Taking her hand, he wrapped it around his shaft beginning the rhythm he wanted her to continue as he pulled her knees up and allowed them to flop apart, giving him greater access to the target. All the time his deep blue eyes never left her face.
“Anytime you want to stop, just say so, ok?” his breathing was becoming harsher now, the effect she was having on him beginning to show. “I don’t want to hurt you,” Her response was to groan as a single digit penetrated inside, using a gentle thrusting motion that mimicked the rhythm she was rubbing him with. His hips rocked along as his urgency built up, pulling away before he went too far. He repositioned himself so his body now covered her, his manhood laying against her pelvis.
“Are you ready for this?” this was the point of no return, “You know what’s happening?”
“We’re making love.” She whispered back. Those words were like music to his ears, he almost cried as they left her lips. Kissing her again, he gently eased himself inside, pausing as she cried out with the shock. A moment or two and he pressed a little deeper, recreating the pace that their hands had begun. His hand on her buttock encouraged her response, until they were moving in unison, their breathing harsh, lost in the ecstasy of the moment. They were united in every sense of the word.
Ken picked up the tempo as his urgency grew, his thrusting more insistent, her cries spurring him on. He lifted himself up on his arms to get greater depth, thrusting harder, each thrust accompanied with a gasp from Jun; as she tightened around him, her own climax imminent.
“My god Jun,” he panted, “I love you!” His body tensed as his orgasm overtook his control, his seed filling her as she was carried along with him, her culmination following immediately. He collapsed next to her, neither speaking while they recovered from their exertions, her tears soaking into his birdstyle. He was alarmed when he saw them,
“Jun... are you... I didn’t...”
“I’m ok,” she sighed, “I just never believed this would ever happen,”
“Me neither,” he grinned, kissing her forehead lovingly.
“Did you mean it?” she asked, “or was it just something that comes out in the heat of the moment?”
“What? You mean I love you?” he stroked her face, “I meant every word.”


On the bridge, the noise carried through from the medical bay, Joe and Ryu looked at each other, a knowing expression on their faces. Jinpei wasn’t quite as understanding.
“What’s he doing? He’s hurting her” the young lad cried, heading out the back. Joe grabbed his cape and pulled him back.
“Leave them alone,” Joe warned “I don’t think they’ll appreciate you bursting in there right now.”
“But why she crying like that?” Joe sighed, how much could you explain to a 10 year old?
“Er Jin,” Ryu began, “you know what you keep teasing Jun about, being in love with Ken?”
“Yeah, so?”
“Well let’s just say they are finally in love.” A big grin covered the younger lad’s face as comprehension dawned.
“Shhh, they’re coming, not a word OK?”


Ken gave Jun a few moments to compose herself. Unaware the rest of the team had clicked onto them already, he tried to hide all signs of their amorous activity, including, he was unnerved to see, the traces of blood left on the cover , he hoped he could explain it as being from his injury, if it were to be discovered. It was quickly replaced and added to the laundry. Once he was satisfied there was little trace of their unprofessional conduct he took her hand.
“Are you ready to go back in there?”
“I think so,” she replied, blushing, “At least I won’t have to include this little episode in the mission debrief.”
Ken had to smile at he timid attempt at humour, her panties were refastened around her hips in such a haphazard fashion that if she had dared to high kick any goons right now, they would have got much more than their usual eyeful, and put a whole new spin on the phrase ‘mission debrief’. Ken had to remove that image from his mind; it was making him uncomfortable again.

Jun gave the gash on his chin the onceover, and, satisfied that she had done everything necessary to tend to it, gave him the nod that she was ready to join the others. He gave her hand a small squeeze to reassure her that everything was ok, then they joined the rest of the team on the bridge.
Chapter End Notes:
Smut for smut sake i think! Feel free to leave your own comments!
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