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Gatchaman Episode 81 - Duel on Galactor Island by TransmuteJun
Gatchaman Episode 81 - Duel on Galactor Island by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 81 – Duel on Galactor Island


We see a set of ornately scrolled iron gates, amongst trees and flowers. A strangely dressed man approaches, looking through the gate.


Is he hip? Is he hot? Is he happening? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are the ‘in’ clothes on BC Island! (Oops, sorry if I gave the episode’s locale away. It’s in the title, after all.)


Frankly, the golf cap is what has me pound !

The man opens the gate, which is unlocked, walking inside. This is revealed to be a cemetery. The man approaches one of the graves and kneels down to examine it.


“May the spirits of Giuseppe Asakura, and his wife Katerina, rest in peace forever.” the man says. His voice is familiar, but not the tone, which is reverent and hushed, befitting the setting.


The man sits on the ground, and appears lost in thought. He doesn’t hear a man approaching from behind until he calls out.


“Are you a relative, young one?”

The person asking the question is an old man with a cane. In a bizarre way, the silhouette of his hair and hat remind me of Gel Sadra in Gatchaman II.


“No.” the man says quickly, standing up. “Looks like this isn’t the grave I’m looking for.” He waves his hand, using the force, and the old man wanders off, looking for droids.

Oops, sorry, wrong universe…

In fact, the man doesn’t wander off, but quickly flips his cane around. It’s clear that there’s a camera lens in the handle, and we hear a ‘snapshot’ sound.

“I feel sorry for the guy under this grave.” the old man says, moving closer now that he has his evidence. “He was a big boss in Galactor who ruled the Island here ten years ago, but he was assassinated.” The young man seems surprised to hear this.


The old man smirks to himself.

“Even a big Galactor boss like him met a pathetic end, and now it’s been ten years since his death, but no one has ever visited to put flowers on his grave.” the old man observes. “Fate meant for you to stop by. Won’t you leave some flowers on the grave, Sir?” But the young man is walking away.

“Sorry, but it’s really none of my business.” the young man lies.

As he exits the graveyard, we see that the old man’s cane has a communications device installed as well. He begins to use it.

“This is 707 on BC Island.” he says. “A suspicious-looking man just showed up at the gravesite.”


“Understood.” replies an unfamiliar voice. “Send pictures of his face to Headquarters right away.” As we hear these orders, we see the strangely-dressed young man getting into a blue car.

“All right. I put a tracer on his car as well.” 707 agrees.

“Stand by until you hear from us again.” the voice orders. “Over and out.” The old man removes the film from his cane. Yes, it’s such a high tech cane that it has a roll of film!


I imagine that if they were making this episode today, 707 would be uploading the pictures immediately to Galactor Archives Traitor Wiki.

“Just who is that guy?” the old man wonders.

Now we see snowy mountaintops, and the narrator fills us in.

“A microfilm taken by the gravekeeper was immediately sent to an anxiously awaiting Berg Katse.” We can now see a lake within the snowy mountains, and a home sitting on the shores of the lake. It looks a lot like the house in which a kidnapped Rumi Borombo was held… but I thought that building had been destroyed?


“So, a mystery man!” Katse says, turning.


“Yes, Sire!” reports a goon. “707 on BC Island has just transmitted us a photo of him.”


Katse examines the photo.


Check out that stylin’ ascot! I’ll bet Katse is jealous of this man’s style. Now I know where they got the inspiration for OAV Nambu! pound

“Hmmm… this man looks just like Giuseppe Asakura.” Katse notes.


“And that’s what’s strange. I thought he didn’t have any surviving family members, my Lord.” the goon replies.


“You’re right, he shouldn’t.” Katse answers. “Ten years ago, both his wife and only child were killed by Galactor.”


“So could he have been a tourist who just happened to be walking by?” the goon wonders.

“No, I doubt that. It’s obvious this man is disguising himself, and he’s not doing a very good job of it, either.” Katse smirks. And Katse should know, being the master of disguises!

“Ah… how did you figure that out?” asks the astounded goon.

“I’d be back at the car wash if I couldn’t figure that one out, Melvin.” Katse sneers. “Disguises are my specialty!” The subs say ‘Wearing disguises is my specialty. I’d be ashamed if I couldn’t figure that out.’ While that gives more character to Katse, I think I prefer the humor in ADV’s line. Wink

“I confirmed the death of Giuseppe and his wife myself, but never saw the child’s body.” Katse says, walking out onto a balcony and staring at the snowy mountains.


“Sire, if I’m correct, 705, who’s the current Mayor of BC Island, confirmed the body of the child.” Melvin offers.

“Hmm… what does this mean?” Katse wonders. “All right, I’ll go to BC Island too. I’d like to ask 705 in detail about what happened back then.” Katse decides. All I can say is, Giuseppe Asakura must have been important for Katse to concern himself with this matter directly.

Now we see a peaceful-looking island.

“BC Island is so small that you can drive its perimeter in three hours.” the narrator tells us. “It’s famous as a summer retreat with a ‘summer island atmosphere’, but beneath that veneer, it’s an island of evil under the total control of Galactor.” And sure enough, we see an evil-looking pink sports car zooming toward a city. Could it be the car of Galactor’s ‘Lady Commander’? She’s going riding on the Freeway of Love in a pink Cadillac…


“Also known as…” dun dun dun…” Galactor Island.” the narrator finishes.

Sure enough, the pink sports car pulls up to a red carpet, and men come rushing out to greet it. The driver steps out… and it’s Katse! Driving a pink car… I think that’s a hint! (says sexist me… Wink )


Katse walks right into the building and into a conference room with an incredibly long table. At one end is seated a man who is presumably 705, the Mayor of BC Island.

“Thank you so much for coming, Lord Katse!” 705 says.

“Mayor, I understand you were the one who reported the death of Giuseppe’s child, are you not?” Katse gets right down to business.


“That is correct, Lord Katse.” 705 says, bowing. This is quite an accomplishment, since he’s still sitting down.

“You’re absolutely sure?” Katse asks smoothly, sitting down himself at the other end of the incredibly long conference table.

“Yes, Sire!” the man answers calmly, but he’s sweating bullets. “A medical doctor was present at the time and confirmed the death.”


“What medical doctor? Are you telling me the child died at a hospital?” Katse asks sharply.


“Yes, Sire.” 705 confirms. “You ordered us to assassinate Giuseppe for betraying Galactor, along with all of his family members. And following those orders to the letter, we shot Giuseppe and his wife to death on the beach, and blasted their child with a bomb! But the child was still alive, and just as we were about to finish him off, people heard the commotion and started gathering round. Right then, a traveling scientist, who claimed to be a licensed doctor, came upon the scene and took George to the hospital.”

We see a few flashbacks of a Devilstar arm about to shoot, and then an image of the doctor carrying the child.


Hmmm… that’s a familiar color of suit jacket…

“That man examined the child?” Katse questions.

“Yes, Sire.” 705 responds hastily. “And a week later, George died.”
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