Gatchaman Episode 71 - The Invincible Leader X by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman Episode 71 – The Invincible Leader X


After careful assessment, the International Science Organization has concluded that there is a new energy source in the Himalayan mountains, the world’s last unexplored territory. The ISO has assembled an expedition of geologists and sent them to the highest peak, Mount Everest.

Inside a tent on the mountainside, two men sit, drinking tea in the middle of a storm.

“Terrible blizzard out there. Really cold you know.” says one scientist. He has a British accent. I wonder if his name is Sir Edmund Hillary? “Not accustomed to this weather. I wish I could have turned down this mission!”

“Yes, even people from the big cities come out now.” the other scientist says disparagingly.

“I see. A mountain-climbing boom, eh?” asks the first.

“No, they come to see the snowman.” the second explains. Snowman? What snowman? We catch a glimpse of something outside in the storm…


“Snowman? Do people really believe in such poppycock?” the first scientist is astounded.

“It’s more like they want to believe it, really.” says the second. “I’ve spent more than half a year here, and I haven’t seen it once!”

“Isn’t chasing imaginary creatures a bit daft?” asks the first man. Well, no more daft that sitting in the middle of an ISO camp next to a Galactor mecha and expecting to survive the encounter. JMHO. Wink

“Well, I suppose it’s a lot healthier than rotting in some polluted city!” the second scientist chortles. But his amusement doesn’t last long, as the men’s tent is suddenly squashed by the foot of the snowman!

The first scientist pops his head out of his flattened tent.

“What the…?” he exclaims, as he sees the snowman picking up a truck.


Despite his horror, he keeps his head long enough to try to radio for help.

The snowman throws the truck, and we see an explosion…

And we cut to Jinpei’s astonished face.


“A snowman?” he asks.

“You mean you never heard about it, Jinpei?” Ken smiles. “Some people claim to have actually seen it recently.”


Ooh, look, Ken is drinking Smurfberry juice today! Either that, or a blue Icee.

“So do you think the legend’s true?” Jinpei asks.


Notice, this picture is proof that Jinpei isn’t always the one to do the dishes at the Snack J.

“Please, you can’t take stories like that seriously!” Jun remarks.

“But I’ve been hearing news like that a lot, lately.” Joe responds. “Supposedly an expedition team was sent out only yesterday to find it.”

“Maybe hunting a monster is the spirit of adventure!” Ryu suggests. “It’s nice to dream, you know.”


“Uh huh!” Jinpei agrees. “That’s right, Jack! The kind of dream every man has!” He is sounding more excited now, but Jun looks concerned.


“Women would never understand the beauty of it!” Jinpei taunts her.

“Looking for something that doesn’t exists is dumb!” Jun retorts.

“It’s not dumb at all!” Jinpei argues. “Girls are just too realistic, and that makes you boring!” Gee, I can’t recall the last time anyone ever accused all girls of being ‘realistic’.


“What about men who chase silly dreams when they’re old enough to know better?” Jun wants to know. “What do you say to that, little boy, huh?”


“Hey, cut it out, you two!” Ryu interrupts. “And bring me a refill over here, willya?”


“Pipe down, Ryu! You’re ordering water!” Jun sneers.

“Yeah. We’re not the water department, you know!” Jinpei adds.

“Huh? Sorry about that.” Ryu says sheepishly.


“Chill out you guys!” Ken laughs. “Just because you have no customers, you don’t have to take it out on Ryu!”


“Hey, Big Bro, we’re going, right?” Jinpei asks Ken anxiously.

“Going where?” Ken wants to know.

“To solve the mystery of the snowman, of course!” Jinpei says.

“Sorry, we haven’t gotten order from the Doc yet.” Ken says, turning away.


“Besides, we could use a little mellow time.” he adds, before walking out the door.

“What do you say?” Jinpei asks, approaching Joe.


“I say I’m going to get my machine ready for the race tomorrow.” Joe says, walking to the exit.

“Well?” Jinpei turns puppy dog eyes on Ryu.

“No thanks! I don’t want any water!” Ryu says.


“Drink all the water you want!” Jinpei says magnanimously. “Or, better, I’ll spot you coffee!”

“Yeah?” Ryu goes for the bait. “Seriously?”


“You got the spirit of adventure?” Jinpei schmoozes.

“Yeah, course!” Ryu says, running his hand through his hair in a macho way. “Hot studs like me just ooze romance and adventure, don’t you know it?”


“Let’s go to the Himalayas and search for the snowman!” Jinpei moves in for the kill. I love how he’s talking about going to the Himalayas like he’s talking about a trip to a nearby beach! ROFL 2

“Whoa there!” Ryu protests. “Why would I want to go climbing?”

“But if we find the snowman, we’ll be famous!” Jinpei says, ticking off his arguments on his fingers. “We can make tons of money off it!”


“I’ll pass. I don’t do mountains! I get tired for nothing!” Ryu says.

“Be like that!” Jinpei huffs as he walks off.


“Hey! Hey! What about my coffee?” Ryu wants to know.

“You can have it if you pay for it!” is Jinpei’s response.


“Hey, no fair! You just said you’d spot a cup for me!” Ryu reminds him.

“We’re running a business here, you know! Why would I say something like that?” asks a bitter Jinpei.

“Was I just hearing things?” Ryu asks himself.


The J closes for the night, and now we see Jinpei with a backpack twice as big as he is. He’s stumbling to his dune buggy.

“Once I decide something…” he says, getting into his car.


He tries to pull the backpack inside the dune buggy.


Jun is surprised as she hears the car start up in the garage.


Sure enough, Jinpei is driving off.


“That must be Jinpei. Where’s he going this late?” Jun wonders.


Then she gasps in realization.

Next thing you know, a frantic Jun is calling Ken on his bracelet.

But Ken’s too tired to respond.


“Ken, come in!” Jun cries. He is startled awake.

“What do you want, Jun?” he asks angrily. “It’s late, already!”


“Jinpei’s just gone somewhere!” Jun explains. “I think he went to the Himalayas! And the receiver on his bracelet appears to be turned off!”


“The Himalayas? No way! Why would he go so far?” Ken wants to know.


“I can’t think of anywhere else.” Jun says. “Besides, he was obsessed with it.”


“Give me a break! Even if he is headed for the Himalayas, I bet he’ll give up and come back. Now buzz off!” Ken’s response is rather rude. He pulls the sheets over his head to go back to sleep.

Next this we see, Joe is talking on his bracelet.

“What did you say? Jinpei did what?” he asks.


We don’t hear Jun’s reply.

“Leave him alone. We all know he gets tired of things really easily. He’ll be back soon.” Joe assures Jun.


“Snowman, huh?” Joe says to himself, walking into his trailer. “Ridiculous!” He sits down on his bed, then kicks back.



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