Gatchaman Episode 9 - Devil from the Moon by TransmuteJun
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Story Notes:

This is a Gatchamania Episode review. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

This episode review is image intensive.

Gatchaman 9 - The Devil from the Moon


Sosai X is speaking with Berg Katse.


X states that the time has come for their conquest of the Earth.

"Show our magnificent power to those puny humans now!" X orders.

'Yes, Sire." bows Katse.


A submarine surfaces from the ocean in the middle of the night. It is manned by Galactor goons and... a Captain with red clown hair and a plunger on his head. I think this guy drew the short straw at the Galactor Costume Selection.


Captain Plungerhead asks Katse for orders, and Katse tell him to 'prove their power to the entire world'.


The Captain presses a button, and a number of rockets are launched into the air. Everyone on the submarine watches the rockets ascend.


The rockets head into space, toward the moon. Oh, I just know BOTP is going to have fun with this one!

Strange metallic parts emerge from the rockets. These parts come together to make a scorpion-style mecha.


The scorpion lands on the moon and starts crushing its surface into small rocks. It then sucks up the rocks and shoots them out its backside toward Earth.


The result is that an Earth city is bombarded by meteorites.

Cut from BOTP: people run from the deadly meteorites.


The city is of course destroyed, and many people are implied to be dead.

The ISO launches observation rockets to determine where the meteorites are coming from.

Nambu, Anderson and a no-name guy wait for news from Rocket 187.


Rocket 187 calls in, and screaming of 'Oh no!' is heard over the communication. It's not alone. Anderson admits that they've lost communication with every rocket that has launched that day.

Nambu believes the rockets are being destroyed by an outside source. He's analyzing the meteorites to confirm his theories.

We cut to Jinpei, who is throwing himself down on a couch at the Crescent Coral Base.


Jinpei's sure Galactor is causing the meteorite storms, and he wants to 'beat them into the ground.'

"Hold on there, Jinpei. We can't say that until there's proof!" Ken admonishes. I guess it's still early in the series. I don't think it takes them much longer to realize that every crisis is caused by Galactor.


But Ken admits that if things keep on like this, the Earth will be annihilated.


Joe is sure it's Galactor too.


Ryu is concerned that Dr. Nambu is taking awhile to analyze the data.


But speak of the devil! Dr. Nambu shows up at that moment.


He tells the Team that he has finished his analysis. The meteorites are moon rocks.

Jun and Jinpei are shocked by this.


Ken wants to know if Nambu has been able to contact the space station on the moon, but the Doctor says that has proven to be impossible. Ken says that the Science Ninja Team will go 'as far as they can' in the God Phoenix to investigate.

"Are you ready to rock, Science Ninja Team?" asks Ken.


Yep, they are.


And now we get the standard shot of the Science Ninja Team running down the corridor to the God Phoenix's hangar. They board the ship, the water rises, and the God Phoenix launches.

"Everyone strap in and prepare yourselves for the G-force!" Ken orders.


Ah, Ken, I don't think you're truly prepared for 'G-Force', but they're coming, all the same. Wink

Jinpei just wants to 'hurry up and go'. So up they go, into space. The Bridge turns blue instead of orange, but otherwise it looks like the Fiery Phoenix. Clearly exiting the atmosphere took a lot out of Jun and Jinpei.


"That's no fun." Jinpei moans.

Jun gets excited when they get close to the moon, because she thinks it's 'pretty'.


But it doesn't last long. Everyone gasps in shock as they see a meteorite shower coming from around the moon!

Joe can hardly believe it!


"They're meteorites!" Ken shouts.


The meteorites head toward the God Phoenix. Will they be destroyed?


Of course not! Ryu takes them out of the way.

Joe points out that the meteorites are headed straight for the Earth. The Team observes the scorpion mecha on the moon crushing rocks for meteorites and sending them to Earth. Ken knows that only Galactor would do such a thing.

Captain Plungerhead has spotted the God Phoenix. He wants to power up the scorpion rockets.

Goons follow orders... for once.



"When given the energy of these radio waves, the scorpion rocket will become a powerful monster!" Captain Plungerhead explains. "We only have to send it radio waves to load it with enough energy for thirty hours!" He thinks this means that the scorpion rocket won't be tracked back to them.

Truly, Galactor science is powerful! Plungerhead gloats over his plan.


Still in the ocean on Earth, the submarine starts sending the radio waves. But our ever-sharp Swan notices them moving past the God Phoenix, and reports this to Ken.


Captain Plungerhead laughs evilly and suddenly I realize why his voice is so familiar. He sounds like Evil Nambu! How co-incidental... Wink

The scorpion rocket powers up with the radio waves.


The rocket curls up into a little ball and heads to Earth.

The God Phoenix observes the scorpion ball, and wonder what it is.



The scorpion ball enters the atmosphere (where it begins flaming) and Jinpei panics, wondering what a meteorite that big will do to Earth when it lands. But Ken states that it is not a meteorite. He doesn't know what it is, but he knows that it will be a massacre if it gets to Earth.


Joe's solution? Three guesses and the first two don't count. He wants to smash it with Bird Missiles! Ken tries to protest, but Joe isn't hearing it.

Talk to the hand, Ken!


Joe states that they don't 'have enough time' to get Nambu's permission. Good one, Joe!

The Condor takes aim.


Joe shoots at least seven Bird Missiles. They all hit the flaming ball, but seem to have no effect. This shocks the Science Ninja Team.


"The Bird Missiles have no effect at all!" Ken cries.

"Damn!" Joe swears. So what does he do? He fires a few more, just to make sure. That's our Condor!

These missiles don't work either, so Joe actually asks Ken what to do now. Ken doesn't think there's any way to stop it. It's just too late.
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