Reviews For The Cuttlefish Mech pt 1 (The Giant Squid)
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Date: 11/20/2009 6:55 PM Title: Cuttlefish/Squid mech ep pt 1

S-9/Mala: The Sandy Frank production order puts this episode before 'Galaxy Girls.' Somewhere along the way, someone must have realized the weird blonde appears in other episodes, hence naming her. Mala reappears in 'Rage of the Robotoids.' (And we all know that, in Gatch, the weird blonde is Berg Katse's female form.)

In animation rules of the time, not only could no-one be directly threatened with a weapon, but there could be no or few references to death and dying. (And yet, several episodes of BotP do have people dying, and references to death.) They might have been that squeamish about injuries, or they might have felt that kids would get the wrong message about helping injured people.

I believe the little kid running around yelling about Galactor is supposed to provoke a reaction from the undercover team members. Aggie and PeeWee (and Jun and Jinpei, originally) fall for it, so that watching goons can report back to their handler.

(Amazingly, in the original Gatch episode, nobody seems to have a microphone hookup in the dungeon. Jinpei pretty much reveals that he and Jun are Science Ninja Team as he bitches out Ken and raises a fuss.)

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