Site Upgrades
There is good news and bad news with the new update to the Gatchfanfic site. We'll start out with the bad news:


* With the new upgrade in the Gallery software the preview thumbnails on the main page became corrupted. I had to use an intermediary program to make it happen, and I'm guessing the problem is that middle bridging program as both the Gallery and the Archive are working just fine.

I will keep checking with the author of the software to see if an update is coming. However, in the meantime, the blocks aren't showing up. Rats.

* The skin of the gallery no longer works with the upgrade. This isn't a big deal. As I get time I'll work on the appearance to match the rest of the site.


* The series problem (fanfic automatically becoming a part of an open series) appears to have been fixed. At least, according to the tests I've done.

* The login and logout is working better.

* To make up for the lack of artwork thumbnails I have moved the Random Fanfic block to the right side of the main page and increased the number of fanfic that will show. This will give casual browsers more of a chance to see oldies-but-goodies.

* A link to the live chat has been added to the main header on all parts of the site.

If anyone finds a part of the code not working as expected, please let me know so I can look into it.

--Julieann on 09/04/2010 10:45 PM 0 Comments