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October 21, 2021, 10:39:20 AM
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Author Topic: The "Battle of the Planets" Story Episode Order Project  (Read 7997 times)
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« on: May 05, 2012, 11:05:48 PM »

UPDATED: 7-13-13

"Battle of the Planets" Story episode order? What is this? Well, I have a very simple answer to that.

I, as many others, saw the "Battle of the Planets" episodes in a totally random order. Because that is all we had to go on, people like me (and I've always wanted to be a writer so my head just works this way) tried to make sense out of everything we saw in the episodes.

I saw arcs in the stories. My head organized things when we saw episodes in a random order, because certain things said and done in some episodes meant certain episodes had to come before or after. Those orders do not go with EITHER the Gatchaman or Sandy Frank production order. To be blunt, I don't like EITHER order. They DO NOT make sense for the BotP STORY. And I'm big on STORY.

Random really makes more sense overall, as we don't have an artificial skeleton we are trying to force the episodes and story into. Throw out those artificial skeletons, and it starts to make a lot more sense. Not every episode has a specific order, by the way, but a good chunk of them do.

Hence, my looking only at the story and placing the episodes by what is in them. This list started out in Gatch order, because that's a list Alara gave me to make sure I had all of the episodes. When I spotted an episode that I thought should go before or after another episode, I changed only that episode's position. Like I said before, this is still a work in progress.

The Project

This project is to put BotP into a STORY order. We view one episode a week in the chat room (4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern, Midnight BST) to which everyone is invited. After viewing and talking it over, the episode is then placed in order, according to the story we see in the episode itself.

The decisions will be reflected in the episode listing below.

NOTE: this thread is for the episode order and discussion of putting the series into a new order. There are separate threads for discussing each episode, associated arcs, and its placement. Any specific episode discussion will be moved to the appropriate thread. Thank you for helping to keep this thread clean.

Sorting priorities:
Development of the Team, Spectra and the war take precedence over anything Zark or Susan say.

Known arcs:
Conway Tape
Cronus Arc
Escalation of war (take over the planet - to destroying Earth as a threat (destroying it))
Freezing Ray arc
G-Force Famous arc
G-Force Technology
Jason Arc
Mind Control Arc
Riga Invasion Arc
Romance Arc

BotP Episode order

Number Guide:
First Number: Story Order (This number is going to be messy until this is finished)
Second Number: BotP Order
Third Number: Gatchaman Order (In parenthesis)

1 (1 (1)) - Attack of the Space Terrapin
Mentions 3rd time Spectra has attacked. G-Force protects Center Neptune and the Vitalumous

2 (2 (2)) -   Rescue of the Astronauts
Spectra was trying to hide their bases for the attack on Earth. Susan is still at Center Neptune, no mention is made of the early warning system, instead simply says Chief Anderson wants him. Feels like an early episode where the infrastructure Earth uses hasn't been set up yet. Princess is still on the shy side when chastised. Same villain from episode 1. Mark is silly with his identity. Keep in the first 5 episodes, maybe after a long-distance mission.
Arcs: Escalation of war, Romance arc

3 (5 - (5)) -  Ghost Ship of Planet Mir
Universal Defense and Security sounds to be a precursor to the Early Warning System. First time they see the Red Rangers, but the team doesn't know who they are (Mark says they're local planetary fighters). The President and Anderson's discussion to talk themselves into sending G-Force also feels 'early.' First, and possibly last time, the team asks for permission to destroy a target.
Arcs: Escalation of war.

4 (17 - (18)) - A Whale Joins G-Force
Animal translator interface is used. No answer as to how the baby whale knew where the Spectra base is. Going after whales is pretty lame. Feels like an early episode. Another reason I'm placing this in the early part of the series. Keyop is acting too much like a child. He would be really reamed after this behavior.
Arcs: Escalation of war

5 (48 (57)) - Fastest Gun In the Galaxy
Small version of freeze weapon. Put before Mecha version. (mention of Spectra having 30,000 years to learn). NOTE: Spectra knows of G-Force cerebonic implants. This feels like an interim plan while Spectra is working on something big. If it works, fine. If not, then all involved are expendable.
Arcs: Freezing Ray arc (this is a small version).

6 (6-  (6)) - Big Robot Gold Grab
These robots the Spectrans call "mini". Could go after the Space Mummy. The base commander doesn't know what G-Force looks like, so place early in the series. Probably word of this new threat to Spectra hasn't filtered down to everyone yet (Mark calls themselves "Galaxy Security"). Idea: the gold is to fund further Spectran expansion.
Arcs: Escalation of war

7 (13 - (14)) - Perilous Pleasure Cruise
Breakthrough in spacetravel, and Zark is given space traffic control (only computer up and running that can handle it?). Cell renewal, perhaps offshoot of plague? Professor Wilde is on the cruiseship Starfire with his granddaughter, and he specialized in cell renewal such as limb regeneration. At first Professor Wilde assumed this was a secret government base and plot to get his secret formula from him.  Spectra gets the forumal from the Professor and then they intend to try it on Angie. Spectra gets away with the formula and Earth goes without because of the Professors refusal to share it. Zoltar plans to use it to live forever, and yet the formula taken has a flaw that killed one, and put the Professor into a wheelchair. If Zoltar uses it, it could do either.
Arcs: Freezing Ray arc (This time in a mecha)

8 (7 - (7)) -  Ace From Outer Space
Captain Doom from planet Urgos, who wants to conquor Earth instead of Spectra. Galaxy Security is developing now fighters that are faster than light that will give them a real advantage. Mark is chosen to do the test flight at an intergalactic airshow. Doom is using an unknown super-strong metal. Team still coming together and having to 'prove' themselves.
Arcs: Escalation of war

9 (15- (16)) - Microfilm Mystery
We see the place where Zark was created where Zark's 'helper' will be made. They use the Meta-1 as the OS of the new Spectra mech, as well as use it to steal the microfilm blueprints of Earth's computers. They plan to program Center Neptune's computer with meaningless data to cripple them. Seems early, as there is very little security at the robot labs or for their computer systems, to the point of affecting the Phoenix because it's so tied in. Keep directly in front of "Space Rocket Escort" where other Phoenix computer problems occur.
Arcs: Escalation of war (early days)

10 (11- (11)) - Space Rocket Escort
Spectra has once before impersonated Cronus. Early: Mark knows who Cronus is, knows how he flies, but doesn't know him all that well.  Early in the series! (NOTE: Major logic problems in this episode) With the computer takeover of the Phoenix controls and the fact that Tiny is able to control the flight in this episode.... Though not the weapons....Seems they may have learned something from the events of "Microfilm Mystery"! Keep directly after "Microfilm Mystery" as they appear to be in the process of changing the systems but didn't get to all of them.
Arcs: Cronus Arc

11 (8 -  (8 )) -  Fearful Sea Anemone
Galaxy 30 where a base is being set up. A G-Force base is also intended as a base for long-distant space-shots. On Earth, Keyop is disappointed to find a group of kids in the park liking the rest of the team before him. G-Force is sent off on a misison with sealed orders that won't be revealed until they get close to their destination. They go to investigate the destruction of several submarines and find a gigantic sea anemone. Keyop goes out on his own in an attempt to be a hero. He is quickly captured by Zoltar, who is in the Anemone. He's kept alive so he can watch the base getting blown up. Mark uses a missile to take off the top of the Anemone, and the Phoenix then docks with the remaining of the top so the team can go in to rescue Keyop (Zoltar escapes). In the end, Zark reveals that the base that was destroyed was a decoy. Feels like an early episode due to G-Force not fully in the loop with missions and top-secret info yet. Building the intergalactic network of bases, plus Keyop's insecurities.
Arcs: Escalation of war

12 (9 - (9)) -  Jupiter Moon Menace
Spectra attack, led by Typhon who is exiled from his own world Scorpios, originates from Callisto as if it had been on the moon it would be spotted immediately. Capital City is the first attacked. Spectra is able to knock out some of the Phoenix's systems again.
Arcs: None

13 (10- (10))  - A Swarm of Robot Ants
Invasion of Tromulus ants from an alien galaxy. Team is not careful with identities. Feels like an early episode before the Cuttlefish episode marker.

14 (22- (25)) - The Fiery Lava Giant
Refueling spot for Federation, Spectra wants it as refueling spot for attacks. High-temp alloys used by Spectra. Spectra is placing infrastructure for their further expansion and attacks. Place in first half of episode listing.
Arcs: Escalation of war

15 (20 - (23)) - Magnetic Attraction      
A large metal ball begins attacking cities. No weapons are effective, causing Mark to at first balk from pursuing Zoltar’s taunts to attack. Mark gets the idea of using a large magnet to bring it down after watching Keyop play with a toy.
Arcs: Romance

16 (30- (36)) - Siege of the Squids
G-Force now famous enough that kids from a small village want to be them. G-Force is well enough known to be emulated in small villages.
Arcs: G-Force Famous Arc

17 (58 - (69)) - Peril In the Pyramids
An entire Egyptican Temple disappeared from Earth, only to reappear on Alpha 3, a world where criminals and their families were once relocated. Keyop is mistaken by a woman for her lost son. Spectra using the temple to hide their mining operation. Could be placed earlier, as Spectra is after resources.
Arcs: None Known

18 (36 - (43)) - Victims of the Hawk
Couple end up getting left behind (or decide to stay. This is unclear as both are stated) on an asteroid with an energy plant. They survive the invasion and return to Earth as heroes. Zoltar goes after them as they arrive to prevent the hero's welcome (propaganda?). Spectra experiments in taking what is inside and transferring to android bodies.

19 (34- (41)) - The Space Rock Concert
Spirit is annoyed at the 'defiant Earth people". Feels like first 1/3 of order, as they have suffered defeat, but are not yet truly desperate. Zoltar's demands are for all food and processing plants, not the surrender of the planet (A resources issue).
Arcs: Escalation of war

20 (29 - (35)) - Demons of the Desert
Prince Tabu, who a short time before studied with G-Force asks for help after he was overthrown by his Uncle. Spectra wants the richest oilfields on the planet (resources). NOTE: Just before Marker 1 as this is about controlling resources, but can fit in almost anywhere in the last 4-5 episodes before that marker.
Arcs: Escalation of war

21 (26 - (31)) - The Galaxy Girls
A masked woman goes after Chief Anderson while Jason is driving. They barely escape. Solar Express, on its maiden trip around the world, is threatened by Zoltar. Chief Anderson and Mark head out on the train while the rest of the team watches the train. Jason can't be found and is left behind. Mala, the leader of the Galaxy Girls and Zoltar's sister, pretends to be the head of public relations for the Solar Express and meets with Chief Anderson and Mark for the train trip. Put right before the ecological attacks, as the train could help alleviate supply transportation and before Cuttlefish when Princess and Keyops association with Mala would then be suspected.
Arcs: Escalation of War (Spirit complains about past failures)

22 (49- (58)) - Giant From Planet Zyr
Jet Cutter is developed to defeat a new Spectra metal. Giant Gautama most likely is using the metal (possibly a hybrid from Ace from Outer Space), since G-Forces missiles can't penetrate it. At end they still have the Jet Cutter. Put in late front.
Arcs: G-Force Technology arc.

The war escalates with both sides developing new weapons and tactics. No more play!

23 - 24 (26 27 - (32-33)) - Curse of the Cuttlefish, Part I & II
G-Force makes a strike against Spectra before they can launch their next invasion (Pushing through the Neutron defense shield - Could this also be what protects Spectra from the Crab Nebula radiation?). The Spirit is angry at the G-Force action and orders a misison to Arcturus for the Conway Tapes to use to take the Federation. Bracelets are known to belong to G-Force at this point and are an identifying marker. For this reason they go undercover without them and Princess and Keyop are captured by Agent S-9.
Arcs: Conway Tape Arc, Escalation of war

25 (23 - (26)) - The Bat-Ray Bombers
Tiny is suspended from G-Force after he falls asleep and doesn't answer for 20 minutes during a Spectra attack where several ships are lost. He returns to his home village, and when he discovers the Spectra mecha, he heads off to take care of it himself without the team to prove himself. Mark follows, and they both end up captured. Tie with "Peril of the Preying Mantis".

26 (21- (24)) - The Musical Mummy
Scientists kidnapped, Hawks appear, with the mystery around an amusement park. Spectra has a new special mission team. They are also wanting to expand their science base by kidnapping scientists. There is a hint of mind-control in this episode in the form of a hypnotic flute. Put right after the Cuttlefish episodes. After that point, the war is really starting to heat up. It's a good time for Spectra to be introducing a new team of its own, as well as their plan to strip Earth of their top scientists including Chief Anderson.
Arc: Escalation of war, Mind Control Arc

27 (56- (67)) - Raid of the Space Octopus
Spirit is getting frustrated with Zoltar, demanding results. Zoltar needs to get back into its good graces, which destroying the Phoenix and having run of the planet while a new Phoenix is being built would provide. Is this after Jason had a setback to account for his attitude? Phoenix destroyed, and they get a new Phoenix with some new abilities, which appears to refer to new personal vehicle weapons.
Arcs: Escalation of war. Vitalumous.

28 (18- (21)) - Mad New Ruler of Spectra
Spectra is interested in robot animals and this research gives them a place to start on robotic animals. Start of Spirit losing patience, and Spectra gets serious about winning. Before new engines, as it takes enough time for G-Force to reach Spectra that the horses are already built.
Arcs: Escalation of war. G-Force Technology

29 (40- (47)) - The Capture of the Galaxy Code
The Spirit is beginning to get annoyed at the lack of progress. G-Force will escort the President's plane to ensure the delivery of a computer component for a computer that will eventually back up the Conway Tapes. (Personal note: I think the Spirit was getting tired of Zoltar always blaming underlings. This time he couldn't.)
Arc: Conway Tapes

30 (14- (15)) - The Thing With 1,000 Eyes
Riga is in early days of Spectra invasion. Bases still secret. Planet is being helped by Federation to rejuvenate (Vitalumous?) its cities and land. The Phoenix has nice new engines. At end, is at Riga celebration. When meets Cronus first hand? Put before Space Rocket Escort. Dei disagrees, should go after 11.
Arcs: Riga Invasion arc. Cronus Arc. G-Force Technology (to Riga in under an hour)

31 (59 - (70)) - Rage of the Robotoids
Metro City has a rash of severe injuries, the latest a police officer, which sets the city into a panic. G-Force splits up to start an investigation. Jason interrupts another attack on a young woman. Mark tries to get Jason to keep an open mind about Tina and what she was doing out in the middle of nowhere, which only succeeds in setting her off. But, what happens at the hospital finally makes him suspicious. He follows her to the waterfront, where G-Force loses communications with him. turns out, Tina is forced to work with Spectra because they keep her parents on a slave planet. In the end, they escape with the help of the Whirlwind Pyramid. Zark reports Tina's parents escape off the slave planet to the friendly planet of Tolak.
Arcs: None Seen

32 (41- (48)) - Raid On A Nearby Planet
Spectra wants Vega, the next door neighbor of Earth.  No real episode marker information, but appears to be later first half of the episodes.
Arcs: Escalation of war

33 (51 - (60)) - Giant Space Bat
When a pilot sees the test of the Space Bat force ray, Zoltar ups the attack on Earth and orders the mecha to attack Metropolitan City. Mark finds the downed pilot with his plane looking like it was cut in half. Turns out the astronaut was taken aboard the mecha, was free long enough to plant a bomb, captured and hypnotized, then left for dead.
Arcs: Mind Control Arc (tenuous)

34 (39 - (46)) - Giant Gila Monster
Phoenix has a powerful warp drive to get to Zenos quickly. Zeno is from another dimension, but was originally part of a small group who came to the planet in hopes of a better life. Instead, they found that somethign there drained their life-force. The others returned, but Zenos was captured by Galaxy Security and put into an institute. When he escapes, G-Force is called in to get him back, while Zoltar wants the knowledge and technology of traveling to other dimensions.
Arcs:  None

35 (50- (59))- Secret Island
Ships disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle near Shipwreck Island. Mark and Princess head for the island to investigate as they don't want to tie up the entire team for what may be an unfortunate but natural occurance. They stumble on a research and test facility, where one ship uses weather as a weapon. Note: surplus Cuttlefish Mecha used in the weapons test. Place after Cuttlefish episode.
Arcs: Escalation of War

36 (19 - (22)) - The Sea Dragon
Zoltar is pleased to have knocked out reserve force of the Intergalactic Fleet. Ursa Major and Tigers of Andromeda forces destoryed. Aquatica forces destroyed. Regular airforce forces destroyed while the Phoenix was rebuilt. Tactically, the Federation took a HUGE hit in this. A new Phoenix is built after the old one is destroyed in battle. And Anderson now has his own version of a freeze weapon. From studying Spectra weapon perhaps? Put after Spectra Freeze weapons. Intergalactic Defense Force is now operational, as is Susan on Pluto. Zoltar is out to destroy the team, not just defeat. Put in middle
Arcs: Freezing Ray Arc, Escalation of war

37 (60 - (71)) - The Alien Bigfoot
Earth is still wanted for the resources. Get a look at long blond hair, Zoltar could be a woman. Spirit projects himself to protect Zoltar. The team is not twitchy about Keyop going out on his own, so place before Fierce Flowers. Just after Secret Island, as Mark and Princess going out on a mission separately may have inspired him.
Arc: Escalation of War

38 (25- (30)) - The Ghostly Grasshopper
Water to 1/20 of the world population is at risk. Weather Missiles are needed to help with the situation. Zoltar wants Earth's water resources, so it's not about destroying the Earth yet.
Arcs: Escalation of war.

39 (64- (75)) - Peril of the Preying Mantis
First mention of Conway Tapes. Zoltar and the Spirit set up a good strategy of diversion and attack. Tiny is late and they lose the first round. And it works, with Spectra grabbing the Conway Tapes. Zoltar gloats about taking each world one at a time. Captain Jack and Tommy appear to know exactly who Tiny is, that he is on the G-Force team and who the rest of the team is (Tiny told them all about them). Zark removed the tapes beforehand, not telling anyone else... again. NOTE: Tie this episode with Bat-Bay Bombers.
Arcs: Conway Tapes.

Another escalation of the war. The identities of the team are more out in the open. Attacks become more global in nature.

40 - 41 (32-33- (39-40) - The Fierce Flowers, Part I & Part II
Spectra drops a biological weapon on Earth and giant flowers start attacking people. Princess uses a synthetic skin and goes out looking for the flowers, only she can't get back out. She's now trapped inside with her transmute bracelet arm captured in the mouth so she can't use it. Chief Anderson has the team firebomb the field of flowers near a reservoir, even though Princess is likely out there, but it doesn't stop the flowers. Instead, they send out millions of spores to take root all over. The team nearly falls apart with Mark and Princess's relationship is being noticed by the others, when Princess manages to get out a signal. The team goes into the city, trying to track her.Meanwhile, Spectra knows they have captured Princess. Chief Anderson finds that something in blood destroys the flowers. As G-Force heads in to rescue Princess, Chief Anderson sends Cronus out with chemical bombs to destroy the flowers. Iron molecule in blood hemoglobin combined with carbon dioxide in a matrix of H2O causes them to go into convulsions and then die.
Arc: Romance Arc, Escalation of war, Cronus Arc

42 (4 - (4)) - The Space Serpent
Spectra is out to destroy resources, not steal them. Dr. Harland was like a father to Mark over the years. Debbie, her father, attacks him for not using his superpowers to save him. There appears to be no secret identities in this episode.
Arcs: Escalation of War

43 (38- (45)) - Seals of Sytron
Project Zulu is where all of Earth's supply of Galactite Hydronium is stored. Powers their spacecraft and holds their force fields together, which Spectra then steal all. It is the first step to taking over Earth uncontested in a full-scale invasion.
Arc: Escalation of War,

45 (72- (87)) - Cupid Does It To Keyop
G-Force on vacation in the mountains. Keyop still innocent. Zoltar and his goons are certain of Keyop's identity, believing they really have a member of G-Force. The team fools him into believing they had it wrong.
Arcs: Escalation of war

50 (71 - (86)) - Super Space Spies
Spectra is trying to disrupt civilization with an ecological disaster again, this time by tainting fresh water supplies with salt on Mount Camilla. Put before the Orion episode, where Spectra did succeed in causing a drought, as this could be the cause of it.
Arcs: Escalation of War

51 (37- (44)) - Raid on Riga
Riga is a sister planet 1000 LY away, and Earth is said to answer any call for help from any "Alliance planet", but they must formally ask for help first.  Defense Commander Cronos is being used to lure G-Force to the planet as the G-Force Commander is his friend.  Spectra's weapon uses a visible form of a sonic wave. The mention of "we've been in a lot of scraps together" might mean just after Fierce flowers instead of just before, when Riga came to Earth's aide.
Arcs: Cronos Arc, Riga Invasion Arc, Escelation of War

52 (61 - (72)) - Invasion of the Locusts
A strange new locust has appeared in the Amazon jungle. Keyop goes with Professor Chambers to investigate. Keyop manages to get one that turns out to be a signalling device that causes the locusts to swarm and allows the swarm to be directed. The locusts are also mutants. Another episode where Spectra goes after Earth’s ecology.
Arcs: Escalation of War

54 (31- (37)) - Orion, Wonderdog of Space
Spectra has caused a world-wide drought, which is why Dr. Baxtor heads out to find a water solution. Dr. Baxter designed a solar reflector that magnifies the sun to melt snow and ice with great efficiency. Orion has a version of the cerobonic implants that the team has.
Arcs: Escalation of war

56 (55 - (65)) - The Great Brain Robbery
Spectra breaks in and takes man-made brains part of secret artificial intelligence project. The "brain of evil" was a project to develop a brain with certain traits to study the decision making of Spectrans. Then they take a robotic body. Using both, from Earth, they start closing the resulting creature to make more of them. For placement, well enough into the war to start a project to set up a study on Spectran criminal-mind thinking, while Spectra is in the steal and destroy stage.
Arcs: Escalation of War

57 (54 - (63)) - Zoltar Strikes Out
A bomb has been hidden in the capital  city, and indications are that Spectra used the baseball stadium, which is empty 6 months out of the year. First the baseball team disappears, then Mark and Princess are captured. With Zoltar known ot be there now, Zark pinpoints the bomb as under the baseball park. Zoltar set the bomb to go off when a homerun caused the fountains to go off.

58 (43 - (51)) - Peaks of Planet Odin
G-Force is sent to look for Spectra activity on planet Odin, in the Harold Galaxy. Odin would be a way for Spectra to gain a foothold in the galaxy. Cronus mentions that Mark saved his life three times by this point. Mark already equates Cronus with trouble. The resistence movement Cronus created disappeared, including his wife and child, leaving only Cronus.
Arcs: Cronus Arc

59 (42- (49)) - Keyop Does It All
Early Keyop still a kid, doesn't take things so seriously, has trouble focusing. Focus knows they have someone of the group/team. Spectra wants G-Forces "Viper Detection Finder". If they do not, they intend to use a planted hydrogen-power bomb to destroy the Intergalactic Federation Headquarters and everyone in it (spy and espionage era, not destroy Earth era). (Zark's birthday)
Arcs: Escalation of war

The war becomes personal and harder on the team. Spectra is now out to destroy Earth, not just capture or steal resources.

60 - 61 (44-45- (52-53) - The Sky Is Falling, Part I & Part II
Spectra uses one of Mark's old friends to lure Mark to Riga, and through Mark, his father. Mark is captured by Spectra as the lure even as the rest of G-Force heads for Riga and destroys one of Spectra's main mechas. With G-Force's arrival, Zoltar sets off the X3-plan: missiles aimed at Earth's Van Allen belts. The only missile capable of putting the Van Allen belts back in place is the one Spectra have. The race is on to find and launch it in time. After learning Cronus is his father, Cronus throws him to the side to manually pilot the missile himself. Zark later reports that he escaped the missile just before it detonated.
Arcs: Cronus Arc, Escalation of War

62 (69- (83)) - Mission to Inner Space
Nuclear Complex 9 is where Plutonium is processed and turned into nuclear devices for commercial and civilian use. Spectra designed the attack to break loose a drilling nuclear device which will cause a Rictor 9 earthquake if it explodes when it reaches magma. Working with a difficult Dr. Kerrog and his chimpanzee.  Placement: Late middle, to the point where Spectra is destroying structures, not trying to keep things intact to use them. Place soon after "The Sky is Falling"
Arcs: Escalation of war.

63 (81 - (97)) - Rockets Out of Control
Two astronauts launch on a historic flight to explore a world as a possible refueling and way-station for Earth's space shuttle program. Zoltar's plan is intended to not only kill the team, but also Chief Anderson, and turn the Eastern US into a radioactive wasteland. There is not attempt at resources. Also, Zoltar blatantly abandons his troops to be killed in the explosion, signalling a change in him. Good teamwork, but an emotional Mark. Place after "The Sky is Falling" when the war turns so personal to him.
Arcs: Escalation of War

64 (52- (61)) - Attack of the Alien Wasp
Zoltar impersonates Cronus. Mark in great depression, willing to grab at straws that his friend/father might be alive. Put after "The Sky is Falling" and "Raid of the Red Scorpion" as this is after he is really dead. (Dei thinks "Raid of the Red Scorpion" goes last as Mark has reason to deny reality. Re-evaluate once Scorpion episode is viewed).
Arcs: Cronus Arc.

65 (62- (73)) - Space Safari
Heading out to Eden to vacation when Spectra succeeds in making foothold on Lucadia and antimatter missiles could reach Earth. LO is angry at Zoltar's mistakes, telling Spectra not to help. He'll either survive on his own or not. Put before Museum of Mystery, as they both use the Mammoth. Place between "The Fierce Flowers" and "The Sky is Falling",
Arcs: Escalation of war,

66 (63- (74)) - Museum of Mystery
Zoltar is still looking for resources, not destroying the planet. Princess's shoe is used to find her shape as Spectra is desperate to find her true identity. Use to create the “Awesome Ray Force”? Put after "Space Safari" as it uses the same mammoth. Place between "The Fierce Flowers" and "The Sky is Falling",
Arc: Escalation of war

67 (68- (80)) - Panic of the Peacock
The Spirit and Zoltar is frustrated. It appears the Spirit is giving Zoltar one of its own weapons: Mind Control. It then demonstrates it on Zoltar. A milder version and not as useful version (Although it does crack the Phoenix) as Duplicate King, so put before that. This could have been a test.
Arcs: Spectra Mind Control. Escalation of war (later in the war when Spirit is frustrated)

68 (47- (55)) - Mammoth Shark Menace
Destroying all sea life is an escalation of small targets. Zoltar does not ask for a surrender, and wishes to gloat and get revenge against G-Force. He's out to destroy the planet as this threatens the entire planet. Place early in second half of episode list, estimating in the 60's.
Arc: Escalation of war

69 (73 - (88)) - Tentacles From Space
Hannah is a singer at a disco for aliens. She met with the Doctor and tried to burn the Dr. Stark's formula for duplicating animal protein when Security descended. However, the formula he handed over was a fake. Spirit makes mention that Zoltar was made a fool of by one of his own agents.  The real formula is only in his head now. Korog, from Sigma Minor's Spectra's slave planets (few of the inhabitants are still alive), is put as head of the mission. Blackbirds become fearful when they realize it's G-Force flying towards them. Korog doesn't seem to have heard of them and doesn't care.
Arcs: G-Force Famous

70 (66 - (77)) - The Duplicate King
Spectra wants the wealth of the small country of Beldania. The Blackbirds run the operation of taking over the palace and to destroy G-Force. When G-Force escapes, they use a mind-control wave to take control of the city's populace to finish the job. (Place after Panic of the Peacock but before Decoys of Doom)
Arcs: Spectra Mind Control, Escalation of War

71 (24- (27)) - Race Against Disaster
Most likely Jason is known as Anderson's Driver and is a public figure close to the G-Force project to kill.  He enters a race with an old friend, Lucy. Place after Galaxy Girls to show his appearance as a driver. Spectra is experimenting with life-like robotics. Put before Decoys of Doom to have the strife between Mark and Jason from the end of this episode trigger what happens in Decoys.
Arcs: None really, other than they are hunting down anything G-Force related.

72 (65 - (76)) - The Awesome Ray Force
Using the technology they learned about birdstyles in "Museum of Mystery," Spectra creates a ray weapon that can knock G-Force and their vehicles out of transmute. Jason is ambushes while heading towards Center Neptune. The rest of G-Force heads for an attacked and evacuated underground city. Jason chases after them, knowing they are heading into a trap. When Mark is trapped and detransmutated, Cronus rescues him. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is captured one by one. Mark arrives shortly after Jason, and together they cause Zoltar to overheat and destroy the weapon.
Arcs: Cronus Arc

73 (53- (62)) - Decoys of Doom
Princess mentions private messages her and Mark send between them. G-Force is becoming famous by this time, but still early enough their full abilities aren't known by Spectra captains. - Mecha uses a freezing ray. Put after Fastest Gun in the West.
Arcs: Freezing Ray arc (this is a large version). Romance arc. G-Force Famous arc.

74 ( 75- (90)) - The Awesome Armadillo
Mark and Jason are at each other about the leadership while Jason tests a new weapon (Freeze weapon going into Jason's vehicle.), which appears to be an ongoing argument. Meanwhile, Zoltar has been relieved as leader. Episode where Mark visits the grave of a brother. Spectra Armadillo has impregnable armor, taking a special bullet into only one weak point. Place after an episode where Mark makes a big mistake?
Arcs: G-Force Weapon Arc, Freezing Ray arc

75 (82 - (98)) - G-Force Defector
Jason has problems with his vision and hits an old woman, not getting to his team when he has to take her home. The team receives a trouncing by the mecha. Meanwhile, the woman ends up being Don Wade’s mother, a man that was once a part of the G-Force team before he resigned two years ago. He defected to Spectra, taking with him an invention for a universal solvent that is then used against the Phoenix. Jason is chosen to enter the mecha through a missile, as a way to hopefully ‘boost his confidence.’ Mark followed, saving Jason when his eyesight goes again. Don is taken back and put “on probation”.
Arcs: Jason Arc

76 (84 - (100)) - G-Force In the Future
Plans are to create a 'future world', a city using geothermal energy. G-Force will be helping to find the perfect site for the location, which is the Arctic area, a project designed and headed by Dr. Gorky. They are flying in an antique prop plane that once hung in a museum. It carries with it something Mark says looks like an old "cryogenic casket." Dr. Gorky is paranoid about everything and everyone, including Mark. In the Future, there is a fake older Keyop, indicating Spectra has a good idea what Keyop looks like, enough to fool Mark. Mark is also more comfortable in his position and openly questions Chief Anderson about his security paranoia.
Arcs: Escalation of war

77 (78 - (93)) - Save the Space Colony
The space colony on Zebore is attacked by Spectra as a way to lure G-Force to the planet. But, Anderson guessed this and at first kept G-Force from heading straight there. They land on the night side at an abandoned airfield. The stress of the engagements and whistling are getting to Zoltar a couple of times in this episode. They manage to take from Zoltar plans for invasion, but it eats itself when they start to play it.
Arcs: Escalation of War

78 (57- (68)) - Silent City
An elaborate trap set up to kill G-Force.  Place later in the series, as Spectra is willing to expend so much on a small target. Place in 60's or 70's.
Arcs: Escalation of war.

79 (83 - (99)) - Strike At Spectra
G-Force makes an offensive strike against Spectra, but it appears Spectra knew of their coming. They attack a simple castle that is their primary base on the planet. The team goes inside to smoke out the hiding Spectran goons, but Jason is having head problems, which affected him being able to aim the Phoenix missiles, and then later knocks him out of the Whirldwind Pyramid.
Arcs: Jason Arc, Escalation of War

80 (67 - (79)) - Defector To Spectra
Dr. Gregg (a widower) has been with G-Force for ten years and is thought to be completely loyal but is caught stealing their 'master code' for Spectra. Turns out Spectra kidnapped his daughter to force him to work with them. Mark rescues Amanda. In the end, Dr. Gregg sabotaged what he gave Zoltar.
Arc: None Seen other than possibly Conway Tape Arc?

81 (85 - (101)) - Conway Tape Tap
At the very beginning, the same commander as in Decoys of Doom. Conway Tapes are in the Conway Complex this time. Jason is tired of being the #2 on the team. Jason still feels a slight over being passed over for the infiltration mission, even though Mark and Princess were specifically requested. When Jason comes to the rescue there are multiple flashing and bright lights, none of which bother Jason at all. Maybe that is where his anger came from? He WAS sidelined because of his previous issues. Anxious to get back. Mark and Princess after the battle comment that Jason 'looks good' as if he had previously not done so. This is Jason's coming-back episode. He's proving he's really back. Not only to himself, but to the team AND Anderson. NOTE: Mark immediately knows they are on the planet Spectra. This needs to go after other visits to the planet. Also, at this point the Conway Tapes have a home. They never did before.
Arcs: Conway Tape Arc. Jason Arc

82 (80 - (96)) - Vacation On Venus
Thought is that Spectra intends to knock Venus out of orbit and destroy Earth completely. If so, this is a good way to do it by going around Earth's defenses. Both sides know a lot about each other, also indicating later in the conflict. Also, indications of nonverbal communications between Mark and Princess that is very natural as if very comfortable in the relationship.
Arcs: Escalation of War. Romance Arc

83 (79 - (95)) - Charioteers of Changu
Time is being played with. UFO's and roman chariots from the past. Princess is sent to the Himalayas to investigate a strange stone idol and the people worshiping it. Keyop follows unauthorized. The rest of the team goes out to stop him before he breaks Princess's cover. Keyop meets a blind old men who knows the secrets of Changu, which the robotic warriors want. Mark, Jason, and Tiny interfere in the fight, taking over several chariots. Zoltar intends to use the portal as part of an invasion plan. Princess and Keyop set charges in the portal while the others keep the robots busy.
Arcs: Escalation of War

83 (74 - (89)) - Island of Fear
Witch's Island disturbance and Keyop is sent there secretly to keep watch. Spectra was interested in proximity for an attack on Center Neptune. The island keeps going back and forth: one time it's Center Neptune, the next it's a Spectra base, then back again. In the end, the Spirit orders Zoltar to destroy the base, but save himself. Spectra is on the hunt for Center Neptune itself.
Arcs: Escalation of War

84-85 (76 - 77 (91-92)) - Invasion of Space Center, Pt I & Pt II
Spectra lands in the ocean near Center Neptune, not bothering to hide their approach. When G-Force goes to investigate, it turns out Spectra used this as a diversion and a way to get people into Research Center. The Spectra infiltrators then set a homing signal transmitter to use to target it with missiles. Chief Anderson is trapped when the center shift as he's trying to destroy files. Mark and Princess are trapped, as well. When the center falls into an underwater ravine, Jason and Keyop have to swim in to help them. Once they escape, the Phoenix has to turn around and fire the final missile to finish it off, so none of the equipment can fall into enemy hands.
Arcs: Escalation of War, Romance Arc
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