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Past Shaping Writing Influences
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June 18, 2019, 04:55:53 AM
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Author Topic: Past Shaping Writing Influences  (Read 5154 times)
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« Reply #15 on: August 05, 2008, 09:55:40 PM »

Wulll . . . <scuffles a foot>

   My first posting might as well be here. Smile  I've been lucky in that I've had more positive public experiences regarding writing than negative ones.  (That doesn't mean I haven't written drivel.  You just haven't seen it. Wink)  I had some wonderful teachers in high school that kept me challenged without demolishing my fragile teen ego; I wasn't writing fanfic then, but all of those varied writing assignments, critiques, book reports etc. etc. did me a lot of good in general as a writer.  Then, in undergrad, I lucked into a creative fictional writing course.  YEE-HA!  Now that was fun.  Took it twice.  And the related course by the same teacher. 

   But I still wasn't writing fanfic.  That waited until I stumbled onto some BotP tapes at Comic-Con.  I watched them until my eyes threatened to fall out, glued to the TV set with the volume turned down low in the wee hours of the morning.  It had been a very long dry spell since I'd last seen BotP, I was as rabid a fan as I'd been as a kid . . . it seemed perfectly logical that I should start writing some BotP stories as a means of organizing that world and characters in my head.  And of course, some of the first stuff I wrote was a continuation of the horrible, embarrassing, hideous Mary Sue stories I used to tell myself as a kid.  You'll never see them.  They're dreadful.  And when I realized what a Mary Sue was, I felt like a complete ninny.  So that's my negative writing influence, discovering that I'd just filled eight notebooks with Mary Sue drivel.  Roll Eyes

   But the experience wasn't all bad, as Lord Als has said, because at least by then I had the characters and "canon" locked in fairly well, and was able to springboard off of that stuff into some fanfic that doesn't trigger instant nausea.  I can take the blame for In a Small Room and Breakdown; those are mine.  Big Grin  I hope to get some more stuff assembled and submitted over the next few weeks to months, and I'm hoping that getting more involved in this fanfic site will help knock some deadlocked storylines free.  There is a sequel to Small Room in the works, if I can just finish fixing its multitudinous warts.  We shall see!
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