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June 13, 2024, 08:39:30 AM
New Forum Board: We have a new board specifically for discussing, announcing or showing off endeavors that are in other fandoms or your original work!

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1  Discussion / Canon Discussion / Re: Where is everyone? on: July 17, 2021, 07:44:32 PM
Is everyone still on this website?

We seem to have drifted away from discussion.
2  Discussion / Canon Discussion / Re: New God Phoenix & Spartan: Pluses? on: January 08, 2012, 05:06:52 PM
If it weren't for the paint job, the New GodPhoenix might be bearable.  (I have that opinion of the vehicles, also)

The Spartan?  Maybe if it were a single vehicle, and not a lame combining mecha plainly intended to get the kiddies to buy the toys.

Really, my preference is for the original, or the one in the OAV.  Perhaps because I'm familiar with it.
3  Discussion / Original/Other Fandoms / Fiction Press dot com on: October 30, 2009, 12:16:51 PM
I just made a couple of original-fiction contributions over at Fiction Press.  They're not up (I was just there), so I don't have story numbers.  The contribution rate there is pretty high, so when you get there, you may have to hunt for them.  Their titles are 'Billy's Friends' and 'Bloodsword Victim.'  The pen name is still Unpublished Writer.  One is a horror story, the other is a fantasy.  As with fanfiction dot net, you can search by first letter or most recent.

Thank you.
4 / Announcements, Rules and Technical / Re: Problem with activating account on: October 22, 2009, 11:47:07 PM
Have you tried again, since you posted this problem?  I've occasionally had problems on other sites, and it's usually a glitch in the site that's corrected fairly quickly?
5  Discussion / Canon Discussion / Re: 1994 OAV (or OVA) Gatchaman on: October 18, 2009, 03:54:37 PM
OVA is pronounced as the plural of 'ovum'?  Which is Latin for 'egg', which might be strangely appropriate, given the reactions so far.

I just watched the OAV.  Online, with the English dub.  All the mecha were cool, as were the fight scenes.

Not happy with Jun's look.  Especially when they show how she's dressed off-duty.  Jun's attractive, not slutty.  Let's not get into her costume (or out of it, for that matter).  Say What?

No real personality to the faces, or even to the team.  Joe didn't so much smolder as sort of sulk, it seemed.  Not a lot of angst.  Yeah, the smoking was rather dumb.

Leader X as giant eyeball.  I prefer the bird-head.  You could at least imagine that it was a disguise ('Pay no attention to the extremely powerful extraterrestrial behind the curtain!').  Now have mental image of the Science Ninja Technique: Eye Poke!

Dr. Nambu was only the worst-dressed of several badly-dressed people.  And that's without the hair.
6 / Announcements, Rules and Technical / Re: HTML Troubles on: October 05, 2009, 09:24:47 PM
I made it work!!!!  Yay!   Clap
7 / Announcements, Rules and Technical / Re: HTML Troubles on: October 05, 2009, 02:13:41 AM
For whatever reason, that does not happen with me when I transfer a fic.  The gremlins are busy.

I have a few ideas that I might post here only.  If I can ever get them on paper.
8 / Announcements, Rules and Technical / HTML Troubles on: October 01, 2009, 01:10:18 AM
I'm having trouble with the HTML.  I have tried to use it.  I can start, say, italics, but I can't end them.  A few hints, please?   Help
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