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My ideas for the origins of the team.

Categories: Battle of the Planets
Series: Beginnings
Chapters: 1 - Table of Contents
Characters: Chief Anderson, Colonel Cronus, Devil Star/Galaxy Girl, Goon, Jason, Keyop, Mark, Original Character, Other Canon Character, Princess, Tiny Harper
Genre: Tragedy
Story Warnings: Adult Situations, Blood, Guts & Gore, Death, Graphic Violence, Mature Content, Violence
Timeframe: Prequel
Universe: Tenuously Canon
Word count: 3311 - Read Count: 250 - Completed: Yes
Updated: 02/10/2008 - Published: 02/10/2008
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- Zeruda by ElectricWhite - Rated: 13+ - - starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 4]
Table of Contents
Summary: An energy-rich planet, a kidnapping, and a new species causing controversy in the Galactic Federation. Can G-Force sort it out?
Categories: Battle of the Planets
Series: None
Chapters: 5 - Table of Contents
Characters: 7-Zark-7/1-Rover-1/Susan, Chief Anderson, Goon, Great Spirit, Jason, Keyop, Mark, Original Character, Princess, Tiny Harper, Zoltar
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, General
Story Warnings: Mild Violence
Timeframe: Other
Universe: Alternate Universe
Word count: 8672 - Read Count: 2965 - Completed: Yes
Updated: 08/23/2014 - Published: 08/09/2014
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