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Summary: 'To make a goat's tail of it' : to get to the heart of a matter, to
cut a long story short. Ga proverb.

I'm not generally much for challenges but I thought that this one
might just be interesting.

Tell a complete story in no more than 1000 words, one with a
beginning, middle and end. One that goes somewhere. One that stands on
its own two (or four, or 100 rocket propelled legs) feet -- ie no
extracts of bigger works and no need for a person to refer to anything
else you may have written to 'get' it better.

Tell it about anything at all that's construable as Gatch related.

Tell it between September 15th and October 31st. Look forward to
seeing what happens.

Oh, and if you take up this challenge, you don't have space to waffle
about the colour of Joe's eyes. We can see they're blue.
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