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Take a particularly silly episode, any series, and tell the same story - better.

With additional riders: " I think that would have to be with the stipulation that the horrible moments remain unchanged, that we're only writing to retcon the thing and make it actually work WITH the dumb parts. So you can't rewrite the episode so the giant bowling ball is NOT sucked into the magnet, or so the magnet gets yanked up off the mountain the way the laws of physics would dictate." from Jane.

And from me: "Just to clarify, it can be any episode from any series (preferably not one of the ones which already has fanfic versions of it, but those tend not to be the silly ones in any case). Not a parody, a retcon of the storyline. AUs are fine, and if you're writing BotP, Zark is optional."

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Summary: Rewrite the episode 'A Challenge for the Science Ninja Team' so that it makes sense. Get rid of (rewrite, or adequately explain) any silly bits. I don't know if there was a G-Force:GOS version.
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