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Irreplaceable -- An Anderson fic by Daniella T 8+
What if, in “The Galaxy Girls”, Mala didn't want to blow up the Solar Express but to kidnap Anderson? The story begins when Anderson, drugged...
Teenage Mutant Science Ninjas! by ElectricWhite 8+
August 31, 2014....Chris White issued a challenge: TMSN ... Teenage Mutant Science Ninjas! Here's my response.
That's why! by ElectricWhite 13+
Why do Spectra's goons seem so, well, STUPID?
Linguistics by cathrl Everyone
When you're fighting an interstellar war, all sorts of unexpected skills can be useful.
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Gotham Nights by Becky Rock 13+
Part of my Totally G-Force AU. Jason's run-in with Spectran troops leads him to the discovery of who Batman is.
Consequences by Ebonyswanne 18+
Part 2;Continued on from Choices.Jun flinched like he had just slapped her- he could feel her hands shake as she pulled them away...
Past Resentment by Daniel Rush 13+
After Joe's long due revelation, the Condor and the Swallow spend a little time together as friends, ...
The Great Comic War by Daniel Rush 13+
Jinpei's after a certain comic book, and nothing is going to stand in his way.
Brief Fanfiction by Margo Ryor 13+
With the destruction of Crescent Coral, Nambu has a crisis of faith.

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--Julieann on 10/04/2014 8:14 PM 0 Comments
Casey Kasem Dead at 82

Among all the other things this great man did, he was also the voice of Mark, our beloved commander of G-Force. The voice is now forever silenced. Casey/Mark, we will miss you!  

--Julieann on 07/04/2014 5:23 PM 0 Comments